What is the use of rice water in life?

What is the use of rice water in life?

what is the use of rice washing water in life?

1, rice washing water is the nutrition of flowers and trees.

there are a lot of starch, vitamins and protein in rice washing water, which can be used to irrigate flowers and trees. Rice washing water can supplement the water and nutrition needed by flowers, and make them bloom more brightly, which is convenient and affordable.

2, rice water can beautify the skin.

most of the white mucus deposited in rice washing water is starch. Washing face and hands with rice washing water can moisturize and smooth the skin of face and hands, and prevent skin dryness and premature aging.

3. Rice washing water can wash clothes.

washing light colored clothes with rice washing water can make the clothes clean and keep bright.

4, rice washing water can wash meat.

using rice washing water to irrigate pork intestines, stomach and other difficult to wash meat is more time-saving and cleaner than using salt, borax and alum.

5, rice washing water can be decontaminated.

use a towel dipped in rice washing water to clean windows, doors, windows, glass, furniture, light bulbs, enamel products, etc. it can not only remove stains, but also make the color bright.

6, rice water can also be used to wash hair.

make hair black and bright, prevent hair loss. But stick to it.

7. Rice washing water can remove fishiness.

after cutting sheep, beef or fish, wash the chopping board in rice washing water to remove the smell.

8 and rice washing water can remove rust.

soaking the kitchen knife in the rice washing water can make the kitchen knife not easy to rust. The rusty cooking utensils can be easily removed by soaking them in rice washing water for several hours and then wiping them.

9, washing face with rice water can whiten.

rice bran oil in rice washing water is rich in vitamin B and E, which can protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, prevent the formation of melanin, and achieve the effect of whitening the skin. Wash your face with the rice washing water for the first time every morning and evening, gently massage and pat your face, so that the nutrients in the rice washing water can penetrate into your skin, and finally wash with clean water. The same for sensitive skin.

10, wash your face with rice water to remove oil.

when washing rice every day, pour out the water for the first time, leave the water for the second time, let it clear slowly, and then take the water above to wash your face. Your face will turn white and delicate. Taomi water should be more suitable for people with oily skin, because after washing face with it, the face will not be too bright, and some people say it can remove fat particles.

11. Washing face with rice washing water can make skin clean.

the rice washing water dissolves some starch, protein, vitamins and other nutrients, which can decompose the oil on the face, dilute the pigment and prevent the appearance of fat particles. Persisting in washing face and hands with rice washing water for a long time will make skin smooth and elastic.

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