What is the winter health tea

it is a good enjoyment to drink a cup of hot tea in winter. So I especially like to drink tea in winter. I usually make tea at home. Once I saw that there was health tea in winter on TV. I only heard about weight loss tea, but I didn’t hear about health tea. I want to know what health tea is in winter?

1, slimming tea

formula: lotus leaf, coix seed, Poria cocos, Shouwu.

efficacy: stimulate the activity of lipolytic enzyme, inhibit the synthesis of fat, effectively regulate blood lipid, eliminate body toxicity, lose weight and nourish the face.

2, Jiejiu tea

formula: zigehua, Gegen, Zhizi, selenium rich wild camellia.

efficacy: the saponins and isoflavones contained in Jiejiu tea can effectively improve the metabolism abnormality caused by alcohol. It can quickly expel alcohol from the body, eliminate the accumulation of residual alcohol in the liver and stomach, and achieve the purpose of sobering up, protecting the liver, strengthening the stomach and keeping in good health.

3, Mingmu tea

formula: cassia seed, mulberry leaf, wolfberry, selenium rich wild camellia.

efficacy: while computer brings convenience to people’s life, it also has many side effects, such as radiation, eye fatigue and skin deterioration. The product is made of natural wild plants and contains cassia seed Chinese herbal ingredients. It is suitable for white-collar workers who often use computers. It has the health care functions of refreshing brain, protecting eyes and resisting radiation.

4, Runchang tea

formula: Smilax glabra, yam, Cassia obtusifolia.

efficacy: long term retention of Subian in the intestine will produce a variety of toxins, which can lead to various diseases and even cancer. Drinking Changrun tea can help to clear the stool and prevent all kinds of diseases. This product can be taken by ordinary people. Long time service can make people protect their intestines and skin smooth, nourish their face and prolong their life.

5, jiangsangao tea

formula: Ginkgo biloba, eucommia, green tea, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Polygonum multiflorum, Poria cocos and wolfberry.

efficacy: lower blood fat, lower blood sugar, balance blood pressure, lose weight, improve sleep, eliminate chest tightness, treat white hair, treat migraine, sedative effect. Maintain the health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, prevent arteriovenous thrombosis

the above five kinds of winter health tea are recommended by people. And its effect is also very useful. Since you like to drink tea, drinking some health tea in winter is good for your health. In addition to drinking health tea, it is also recommended that you keep exercising every day. Finally, I wish you a happy life and good health.

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