What is whisky

when it comes to fine wine, we certainly know a lot, but whisky is a famous fine wine. When we drink, maybe we don’t know much about what kind of whisky is. We know that whisky is more expensive. In fact, whisky brewing is also very particular. We love drinking. We need to know more about whisky.

do we know what whisky is. Whisky actually belongs to a kind of foreign wine. The brewing of this kind of wine actually includes barley, oats, wheat, rye, corn and other grains as the main raw materials of wine making. After fermentation and distillation, it is put into oak barrels for aging and blending. It is a kind of alcoholic beverage, which belongs to distilled wine.

as early as the 15th century, Scots had mastered the secret, which has been handed down to the present day. Selected high-quality barley is transformed into wort by sprouting, drying, crushing, fermentation and other procedures. After double distillation, it is poured into oak barrel for storage and aging. After many years, it becomes the basic fine wine for blending Scotch whisky. Skilled bartenders are able to combine more than 50 kinds of whiskies with different flavors and ages. Today, the unique advantages of each kind of whisky are brought into full play, and the perfect quality of Scotch whisky is realized.

according to international law, only those distilled and aged in Scotland can match your Scotch whisky. All Scotch whiskies are brewed from three natural ingredients: grain, water and mother alcohol, which take at least three years to mellow. There are only two kinds of whisky. One is barley whisky, such as Granville, which is made only from malt. The other is mixed whisky, such as Chivas, which is made from a mixture of various barley and grain Scotch Whiskies. It has a unique taste, like a symphony.

. But what kind of whisky is it? Let’s read the relevant knowledge introduction. Whisky is printed with the year on the bottle, which indicates the time when the liquor is aged in oak barrels. Therefore, when we buy whisky, we must be aware of the types of whisky, which we should pay attention to.

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