What kind of bean sprouts is the best

What kind of bean sprouts is the best?

what kind of bean sprouts is the best?

bean sprouts are rich in nutrition, crisp and delicious. They are the home dishes on the common people’s table. Many people like to buy long bean sprouts when they buy them. In fact, about an inch of bean sprouts have the highest nutritional value.

bean sprouts are formed after Bean Germination; Living vegetables;, Compared with the pre sprouting bean, the appearance of bean sprouts not only changed, but also the nutritional value and nutrient utilization rate increased. For example, the dried bean basically does not contain vitamin C, while the vitamin C content of bean sprouts is very rich, but its content is not stable, and the content varies greatly.

the simplest way to judge is to look at the length. Generally speaking, when the bean sprouts grow to about one inch, the nutritional value is the highest. After one inch, the longer the length is, the lower the vitamin content is. When more than three inches, the vitamin content is even less.

there are many inferior bean sprouts with illegal additives on the market now. You should pay attention to them when you buy them: naturally cultivated bean sprouts have well-developed roots, no rotten roots and sharp points, and they are straight and slightly thin, and the sprout feet are not soft. In addition, do not buy bean sprouts with pungent taste.

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