What kind of fish has a good brain tonic effect?

fish is the most common food in our daily diet. We often eat different kinds of braised fish and steamed fish, each of which can help supplement a variety of nutrients. If we only consider the effect of brain and intelligence, what kind of fish has the most obvious effect? Next, let’s make a summary of the relevant information collected and elaborate it one by one.

1, hairtail. The contents of DHA and EPA in hairtail are higher than those in freshwater fish, and hairtail is rich in lecithin. Moreover, hairtail tastes delicious and has few small spines, which can reduce the risk of fishbone sticking in the throat. Hairtail should be fried to eat, before the pot spray some cooking wine, taste better.

2, salmon. What’s in salmon ω- Fatty acids (DHA, EPA) are essential substances in brain, retina and nervous system, which can enhance brain function and prevent vision loss. DHA is the main part of the brain, EPA can improve the regeneration ability of human cells, enhance the immune ability, and has a strong repair function on human heart. Can help repair brain function, improve memory.

3, yellow croaker. Yellow croaker is rich in nutrition, including protein, trace elements and vitamins. It has the function of Tonifying the kidney and strengthening the brain. It is suitable for the memory impairment caused by kidney deficiency. For the weak and middle-aged and old people, eating yellow croaker will receive good therapeutic effect. Because the yellow croaker is a marine fish, it needs ice to keep fresh when it is fished up, so the selection depends on whether the fish’s eyeballs are full, the cornea is transparent and clear, the gill cap is tight, the gill color is bright red, and the mucus is transparent without peculiar smell.

the three kinds of fish mentioned in the article are very easy to buy, and belong to low-fat and low cholesterol health food, suitable for all kinds of people to eat, so in the future you can often make food, at the same time you can often change different production methods, in order to be able to receive more obvious brain tonic effect.

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