What kind of food can detoxify?

as long as the topic of detoxification is mentioned, many people may not feel strange. Now because we pay more attention to health care, and the human body will continue to produce and accumulate a lot of toxins, so we want to find a reasonable and effective way to promote detoxification. If only in terms of diet, which kinds of food play a more obvious role in detoxification? Now I’ll talk about it. 1. Coarse grain. Often eat sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, buckwheat and other coarse grains to help maintain the unobstructed stool, so that the body poison will not stay in the intestinal tract for a long time. Coarse grains contain many special vitamins and minerals that are lacking in fine grains. These nutrients help to regulate the gastrointestinal environment, easy for the human body to absorb and improve disease resistance and immune function.

2. Green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are mostly alkaline, which can neutralize the excessive acidic substances produced in the diet, such as sugar, meat, eggs and metabolism, and keep the body fluid weakly alkaline, so as to remove poisons in the blood. Common vegetables include radish leaves, green vegetables, rape leaves, spinach, mustard, Chinese cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.

III. wine. Drinking wine is good for your heart. It is rich in citric acid, but also an alkaline beverage, which many alcoholic beverages do not have. It has been reported that drinking wine can prevent and correct acidosis, as well as diuretic detoxification. In recent years, it can be used to treat gout.

IV. fruit or juice. Choose lemon, orange, grapefruit, grape, sugarcane juice, green plum, apple, tomato, etc. Although the taste of fruit is mostly sour, it can become alkaline in the process of metabolism and keep the blood alkaline. In particular, they can “dissolve” the toxin accumulated in the cells and eventually excrete it through the excretion system.

therefore, there are a variety of foods that can promote detoxification in the body. In ordinary times, we can appropriately focus on the foods mentioned in the article, and it is better to insist on eating some every day, so as to give full play to the food efficacy. At the same time, we should also control the intake of junk food, especially fried and barbecue food.

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