What kind of food can keep warm in winter?

as we all know, eating more warm and tonic food in winter, such as mutton, beef, chicken, sea cucumber, shrimp, pigeon, sparrow, quail, can not only make the body stronger, but also play a good role in keeping cold. In fact, winter wants to pass food & lt; Keep out the cold;, Do not have to eat warm or hot food, because some cold is caused by the lack of certain trace elements in the body. If through the diet for effective supplement, can also play a good role in keeping out the cold, old friends might as well try.

vitamin rich food

low temperature will accelerate the metabolism of vitamins in the body, so it should be supplemented in time. For example, vitamin A can enhance the cold resistance of human body; B vitamins are beneficial to normal metabolism; Vitamin C can improve the adaptability of human body to cold; Vitamin E can make blood circulation smooth and adjust hormone balance in the body. Therefore, it can increase the intake of animal liver, carrot, pumpkin and other foods rich in vitamin A, fresh rice noodles, coarse cereals and other foods rich in vitamin B, fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in vitamin C, sunflower seeds, walnuts, black sesame and other nuts, as well as sea fish, bean products and other foods rich in vitamin E.

mineral rich foods

fear of cold is related to mineral deficiency in diet. Carrots, yams, vegetables, Chinese cabbage, lotus root, cauliflower, green onions, potatoes and other root vegetables contain a lot of minerals, which can be mixed with meat cold food; Be of great advantage in eating more calcium rich foods such as milk, soy products, dried shrimps, oyster, sardine, shrimp, etc., and eating regularly will also help to enhance the body’s ability to resist cold.

iodine rich food

iodine is an important raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine. Thyroxine can promote the body’s protein, carbohydrate, fat into energy, thereby generating heat, resist cold. If the body is short of iodine for a long time and the raw materials for synthesizing thyroxine are insufficient, the body’s ability to resist the cold will be reduced. Therefore, you can eat kelp, Porphyra, Nostoc flagelliforme, jellyfish, shellfish and other iodine rich food. In addition, black sesame, sunflower seeds, dairy products, leafy vegetables and other foods rich in amino acids also help improve the body’s ability to resist cold.

iron rich food

iron is an important raw material for hematopoiesis. Red blood cells in the blood are responsible for the transportation and metabolism of oxygen in the body. To turn proteins, carbohydrates and fats into calories, you need plenty of oxygen; Combustion & quot; They are. If the body lacks iron, it is easy to suffer from iron deficiency anemia; And there is a lack of oxygen transport; Tools;, The end result is not enough heat, easy to feel cold. Many young women are especially afraid of cold. In winter, even in a room with heating, they often have cold hands and feet. Insufficient iron intake is one of the important reasons. Therefore, women who are afraid of cold should eat more iron rich foods in winter, such as animal liver, beef, fish, eggs, black fungus, jujube, milk, bean products, etc., which can improve their resistance to cold.

small remind: healthy diet is an important guarantee of our health, healthy eating habits also need us to develop over time. Keep in mind that eating healthy is an important part of our health.

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