What kind of food can nourish the stomach

What food to eat can nourish the stomach

what food to eat can nourish the stomach

1, spinach:

taste sweet and cool, can run dry liver, stomach, constipation《 It is called “food therapy Materia Medica”; Benefit five zang organs, dredge intestines and stomach, and detoxify alcohol& rdquo; Spinach can promote the secretion of stomach and pancreas, increase appetite and help digestion; Rich cellulose can also help intestinal peristalsis, conducive to defecation.

2, milk:

, milk has the effect of tonifying lung and stomach, generating fluid and moistening large intestine. Research found that milk on peptic ulcer and habitual constipation has a very effective therapeutic effect. Although milk has a good effect on nourishing stomach, experts remind that patients with diarrhea, spleen deficiency syndrome and dampness syndrome should not drink too much milk in daily life.

3, longan:

& lt; Litchi is the best food, longan is the best food;. Different from litchi, longan can be used as medicine, which has many effects, such as strengthening yang and replenishing qi, warming stomach and tonifying spleen.

4, cabbage:

has the functions of strengthening spleen and stomach, relieving pain, detoxifying and detumescence, clearing heat and promoting diuresis. It can be used for chest tightness, thirst, sore throat, urinary obstruction, deafness, poor sleep, adverse joints and abdominal pain caused by internal heat. It contains vitamin C and other ingredients, which can relieve pain and promote ulcer healing. Cabbage simmered with coix seed, tangerine peel and honey can be used to treat epigastric pain, epigastric fullness and gastric and duodenal ulcer; Simmer with adzuki bean, wax gourd and rock sugar to reduce swelling and promote diuresis. It is worth noting that those with loose stools and weak spleen and stomach should not eat more.

5, pumpkin:

recorded in compendium of materia medica: & lt; Pumpkin is warm in nature and sweet in taste. It enters the spleen and stomach meridians;, It can replenish qi, eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria and relieve pain. It is rich in pectin and can be & lt; Adsorption & quot; Bacteria and toxic substances, including heavy metals, lead, play a role in detoxification. At the same time, pectin can protect the stomach from stimulation and reduce ulcer.

6, carrot:

, sweet and smooth in nature and taste; Xiaqi Buzhong, Lipi diaphragmatic, Runchang Wei, Anwu Zang, has the effect of healthy food;. Rich in carotene can be converted into vitamin A, can improve eyesight, enhance resistance, prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. Carotene is fat soluble, stewed with meat is the most suitable, taste better.

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