What kind of food can replenish qi and blood

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the manifestation of deficiency of Qi and blood

we only have the balance of Qi and blood, so that we can have the spirit, disease can not invade, a person’s health is not healthy, the most important thing is to see whether the person’s Qi and blood is balanced.

what food can you eat to replenish qi and blood; Native ginseng;, It can stimulate skin metabolism, improve blood circulation, and make skin tender, smooth and ruddy. American scientists believe that eating two or three carrots a day can reduce cholesterol by 10-20%, which helps to prevent heart disease and cancer.

Nourish Qi and blood: black sesame

according to traditional Chinese medicine, sesame enters liver, kidney, lung and spleen meridians, and has the effects of enriching blood and eyesight, producing milk, benefiting liver and hair. Eating sesame can promote the function of kidney generating blood, liver storing blood and spleen regulating blood.

nourishing qi and blood: Aloe

also known as & lt; Green gold in nature;, Since the 1980s, there has been & lt; Aloe fever;, No plant like aloe has been found to have all-round effects, such as whitening, moisturizing, sunscreen, freckle removing, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, sterilization, analgesia, hair care, promoting wound healing and so on. It has a special effect on the treatment of acne.

Nourish Qi and blood: walnut

is also known as walnut and Qiang peach, and almond, cashew nut and hazelnut are also known as & lt; Four dried fruits;, In the west, it is called & lt; Alpinia oxyphylla fruit& ldquo; Hercules food& ldquo; Nutritious nuts;, The East is regarded as & lt; Longevity fruit& ldquo; The treasure of raising people;, The American Dietetic Association recommends eating walnuts two or three times a week, especially for the elderly and menopausal women.

: wolfberry

vitamin C & beta- The contents of carotene and iron were higher than those of orange, carrot and steak; Chinese wolfberry leaves are picked in spring and Tianjing grass is famous; Summer flowers, the name of evergreen grass; Autumn harvest, known as wolfberry; Root picking in winter;, Folk Proverbs & lt; If you travel thousands of miles, don’t eat medlar;, It can greatly stimulate sexual function, away from home is not suitable, at home is suitable for recuperation.

nourishing qi and blood: Pumpkin

was praised as & lt; A wonderful product for nourishing blood & quot; Pumpkin is rich in plant protein, carotene, vitamins, essential amino acids, calcium, zinc, iron, cobalt, phosphorus and so on. Cobalt is one of the important components of vitamin B12, which can help the red blood cells in the blood to operate normally; Zinc can directly affect the function of mature red blood cells; Iron is the basic trace element for the production of hemoglobin, which is the excellent nutrient for blood supplement.

Nourish Qi and blood: dried radish

dried radish is a very beneficial vegetable, the least impressive and cheapest, but the best health vegetables, because it contains very rich vitamin B, high iron content, its iron content in addition to Flammulina beyond all foods.

Nourish Qi and blood: lotus root

leaves, flowers, whiskers, fruits are treasure, rich in starch, protein, vitamin C and B1, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron and other inorganic salts, most in line with the needs of the human body, tonifying qi and blood, enhance immunity, easy to digest, suitable for old and young, Chinese medicine known as & quot; Tonifying the middle and nourishing the spirit, benefiting qi and power & quot;, It is better to have short node and thick body, and the second node is the best from the top.

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