What kind of food can you eat to help the body detoxify?

What kind of food can you eat to help the body detoxify?

what food can you eat to help detoxify the body?


lemon whitening skin care, is most people know. In addition, lemon can also provide antioxidant compounds for the body & mdash& mdash; Limonin. This substance can activate detoxification enzyme, so as to achieve the effect of detoxification and beauty.


pomegranate juice contains pomegranate polyphenols, which can promote detoxification. At the same time, the substance can also inhibit colon cancer.


thyme is not only a delicious spice, it also helps to antibacterial sterilization, detoxification and beauty. In the daily diet, especially soup, stew, roast chicken wings and other food added to the amount of thyme, can prevent diseases, including E. coli strains, Staphylococcus.


blueberry taste sweet and sour, these small berries are rich in anthocyanins. And anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that help your body get rid of the impact of toxins.


the role of mango is not only to meet the body’s need for vitamin C in the daily diet, mango is also rich in cellulose, which is conducive to gastrointestinal digestion and elimination of toxins in the body.


Mint is not only a breath freshener, it can also be used as a natural appetite inhibitor and antibacterial agent. Peppermint can not only help eliminate bacteria in food, but also make you feel full.


ginger is a kind of spice suitable for most people. It can be called digested; Supplements & quot; And & lt; Cleaner & quot;. Because ginger has the function of sterilization and detoxification, it can stimulate gastric mucosa, promote blood circulation, stimulate gastric function, and achieve the effect of strengthening stomach and relieving pain. Ginger can also enhance the secretion of gastric juice and intestinal wall peristalsis, thus helping digestion.


many people don’t like coriander and think it tastes pungent. In fact, proper addition of coriander to dishes can help eliminate toxins in urine. Coriander is a natural diuretic.

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