What kind of food can you supplement vitamin?

the human body needs a variety of nutrients, so every day in the choice of food, we have to choose carefully, which is not only very helpful to our health, but also depends on the human body hospital absorption. What are the foods that supplement vitamins? There are many kinds. For example, fruit is a good choice. Apples contain more vitamins, At the same time, this kind of food is also loved by many people, so it is a good choice.

what are the specific vitamin supplement foods? The following is a detailed introduction, so that when we eat in peacetime, we can make the right choice, which is of great help to all aspects of the body nutrition supplement.

vitamin supplement foods:

foods rich in vitamin E include fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean meat, milk, eggs, pressed vegetable oil, etc. Fruits and vegetables include kiwi fruit, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, lettuce, sweet potato and yam. Nuts include almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts.

pressed vegetable oils include sunflower seeds, sesame, corn, olive, peanut, camellia, etc. In addition, safflower, soybean, cottonseed, wheat germ and cod liver oil all contain a certain amount of vitamin e. the most abundant vitamin E is wheat germ. At first, most natural vitamin E is extracted from malt oil, but now it is usually obtained from rapeseed oil and soybean oil.

role of vitamin:

the most important physiological function of tocopherol on human body is to promote reproduction. It can promote the secretion of sex hormones and increase the motility and quantity of men’s sperm; It can increase the concentration of female hormone, improve fertility and prevent abortion. Vitamin E deficiency can lead to testicular atrophy and epithelial cell degeneration, abnormal pregnancy. Vitamin E is commonly used in the treatment of threatened abortion and habitual abortion. In addition, it is also helpful for the prevention and treatment of male infertility.

other functions include protection of T lymphocytes, protection of red blood cells, anti free radical oxidation, inhibition of platelet aggregation, so as to reduce the risk of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. It also has good curative effect on burn, frostbite, capillary hemorrhage, climacteric syndrome, beauty and so on. Recently, it has been found that vitamin E can inhibit the lipid peroxidation reaction in the crystalline body of eyes, dilate the peripheral blood vessels and improve the blood circulation.

through the above introduction, we also have a good understanding of the foods supplemented with vitamins. When we eat these foods, we should eat them in an appropriate amount, which is conducive to the body’s digestion. What’s the role of vitamin E? The above also has a detailed introduction, so when we supplement them, we can rest assured to choose.

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