What kind of food is anti radiation

radiation — nothing can be seen or touched. Many people don’t know what radiation is? But in our daily life, we can hear the radiation pollution. The rapid development of modern science has brought us a convenient way of life, but also caused a new kind of radiation pollution. This kind of pollution is harmful to our body. It will damage our brain and bone marrow, and affect our immune system.

however, the mobile phones, TV sets, computers and microwave ovens that we usually use can produce different forms and intensities of radiation, which is close to our life. It is impossible to completely avoid the impact of radiation on us. We can reduce the impact of radiation on us through diet, such as eating more black sesame, agaric, laver, sea cucumber and so on, which can enhance the cellular immune function. Now, let’s give a brief introduction.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that black belongs to kidney, and kidney is the origin of congenital. For example, black sesame is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, protein and vitamins. It can nourish liver and kidney, moisten dryness and smooth intestine, improve blood circulation and promote metabolism. It has miraculous effect on treating various diseases caused by liver and kidney deficiency, prolonging life of the elderly, health care and beauty of women, brain and intelligence of children.

is also like Auricularia auricula. It has the function of moistening the lung, tonifying the brain and reducing blood coagulation. It is beneficial to patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. At the same time, it contains rich colloid, which can absorb the dust, impurities and radioactive substances left in the human digestive system and discharge them out of the body, so as to clear the stomach, clean the intestines and prevent radiation.

scientists found that Brassica napus, Brassica rapa, mustard, cabbage, radish and other cruciferous vegetables have the function of preventing radiation damage. In addition, medlar, chrysanthemum, green tea, cassia seed and other eye foods can clear the heart and liver, and reduce the radiation damage of computer screen X-ray. Studies have shown that the lack of essential fatty acids and vitamins can reduce the body’s tolerance to radiation. Therefore, people should eat more milk, eggs, liver, eggplant, lentils, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, bananas, apples, garlic, mung beans, peppers and other food.

above is a brief introduction to the food that can prevent radiation, from which we can learn about the food that can prevent radiation. In our daily life, we can eat more of these foods, which can reduce the impact of radiation on us and make our body more and more healthy.)

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