What kind of food is better for breast enhancement?

breast enhancement may be what many women want to do now, and some breast enhancement products can really play such a role, and there is no harm to the body? This may be the reason why many women have been afraid to try breast enhancement products. However, if there are some foods that can play the role of breast enhancement, can they not meet the requirements of women in their daily diet? The most important thing is that they are green and healthy. So let’s know what kind of food we want to eat for breast enhancement.

yam + green shoots + chicken liver

raw materials: yam, green shoots, chicken liver seasoning: salt, monosodium glutamate, soup, starch


1. Yam, green shoots peeled, washed, cut into strips. Wash the chicken liver and slice it.

2. Blanch all raw materials in boiling water.

3. Put the bottom oil in the pot, add proper amount of stock, add the raw materials after seasoning, stir fry several times, thicken and serve. Material: Rose, papaya slice, rock sugar (according to personal preference)

method: put papaya slice, rose and rock sugar together in a pot, and then make them with hot water.

efficacy: can effectively eliminate edema, blood breast´╝ł It is suitable for deficiency of Qi and blood, congenital weakness, flat chest due to insufficient nutrition, and insufficient milk secretion after delivery

longan red jujube papaya breast tea

ingredients: longan meat 5, 6, red jujube 3, papaya 3, 4, water 250cc

preparation: put all the ingredients in the pot, after boiling, you can drink.

papaya milk breast tea

ingredients: papaya slices, milk, tea bag (according to personal preference)

method: papaya slices, put into tea bag, simmer for 3 minutes, add a little milk, mix well.

efficacy: papaya, milk are conducive to the development of the chest, both eat together, double the effect.

breast, you can pay attention to these aspects. 1, want better development of the chest, can strengthen the food containing protein, gum, vitamin E. 2. Six types of balanced eating habits can provide nutrients for body development. 3. From the beginning of buying the first bra, you must try it on yourself and learn how to wear it correctly. 4. Every day 15 minutes of chest shaping exercise, can strengthen pectoralis major muscle, let the chest more type. 5. In order to provide the best protection for chest oscillation during exercise, we should wear a stable and strong chest protection bra. 6. Proper massage can help the shape of the chest. The way of massage is from outside to inside and from bottom to top.

from this, we can understand what kind of food we want to eat for breast enhancement. In fact, many things we do not need to pass some products to achieve the desired effect. For example, people who want to lose weight can completely exercise, but people who have no perseverance will achieve the opposite effect. Of course, if you know what kind of food you want to eat for breast enhancement, but you can’t persevere, the effect may not be as good as you want. So, for women who want breast enhancement, take your willpower and go shopping for breast enhancement food.

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