What kind of food is good for farting frequently

Often fart eat what food good

often fart eat what food good


fennel fruit as medicine, name fennel, edible tender leaves. The seeds and leaves have the effect of SHUNQI. The stuffing or stir frying with leaves can be SHUNQI, Jianwei and Zhitong. It has a good effect on the chest and abdomen fullness and pain caused by anger.


when making tea, put a few roses have the effect of soothing Qi. Those who are not used to drinking tea can drink roses alone, or put the fragrant roses in the vase in the room, and breathe the fragrance of flowers can also soothe the spirit.


hawthorn is good at relieving pain by following Qi, dissolving food and eliminating accumulation. It is suitable for chest and abdominal distention caused by gas wrapped food. It also has certain curative effect on tachycardia and arrhythmia caused by anger. Eating raw, cooked and soaked in water is effective.


is good at regulating qi and invigorating stomach. It has the effect of clearing heat and eliminating phlegm in patients with qi stagnation and fire. The effect of green radish is the best, followed by red skin and white heart, and carrot is ineffective. The best raw, such as stomach disease can do radish soup to drink.

lotus root:

lotus root can ventilate, strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish the heart and tranquilize the mind, which is also a good product of natural gas. Boiled lotus root with water or porridge has the best effect.

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