What kind of food is good for human brain?

What kind of food is good for human brain?

which foods are good for human brain?


almonds, walnuts and other nuts play an important role in maintaining vascular health. Nuts contain & omega- 3 fatty acids, help to reduce cholesterol, delay brain aging.


spinach is a magical vegetable with numerous unknown health benefits. Now, scientists have found that antioxidants in spinach can help delay brain aging and nervous system aging, thus improving people’s cognitive ability. Cognitive ability is related to a person’s attention, decision-making and execution, which is very important to daily life and work.

olive oil

olive oil contains antioxidant polyphenols, which can help reduce hypertension and cholesterol. Olive oil is the perfect edible oil for maintaining the health of nervous system at present.

deep sea fish

& omega- Fatty acids are the key elements to improve the function of brain and nervous system. Deep sea fish are rich in & omega- 3 fatty acids, can prevent mental disorders, good for heart health.

red wine

red wine is a powerful source of antioxidants. It can not only strengthen the brain, but also remove excess cholesterol. Studies have shown that drinking red wine properly can prevent aging and prolong life.


tea can not only accelerate the metabolism of human body, but also help to strengthen brain and improve cognitive ability. Antioxidants in Tea & mdash& mdash; Catechins can enhance blood flow and keep blood circulation unobstructed.

cocoa powder

cocoa powder is a powerful antioxidant, which can prevent brain oxidative stress. Brain oxidative stress may be unknown to many people. It can lead to atherosclerosis, heart failure, Alzheimer’s disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

coarse cereals

coarse cereals contain magnesium, which can enhance people’s cognitive function. In addition, coarse grains also contain more vitamin B6, which can break the high level of homocysteine. The high level of serum homocysteine is a risk factor of cardiovascular disease and stroke, which can lead to the deterioration of human mood and easily lead to heart attack.

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