What kind of food match is the healthiest?

What kind of food match is the healthiest?

what kind of food match is the healthiest? Nowadays, people begin to pay attention to healthy eating habits. Reasonable diet can not only supplement the energy needed by the human body, but also meet certain nutritional needs. Do you know what kind of food is the healthiest? Let’s listen to Xiao Bian and take your time.

in thickness.

in China’s dietary habits, the staple food is mainly rice and flour, but long-term single fine grain intake is easy to lead to nutritional imbalance and digestive function weakening. In addition, proper increase of coarse grains can help prevent diabetes, dermatitis and constipation. It is generally recommended that the ratio of steamed bread, rice and other fine cereals to coarse cereals, potatoes and other foods be 3:1, or you can choose to eat a special meal of coarse cereals porridge or rice every day, and supplement dietary fiber and trace elements to achieve a balanced diet.

dry and thin.

in addition to drinking water, people also need to take a lot of water from food every day. It’s hot in summer, with a lot of perspiration. It’s good for digestion and absorption, increasing satiety, and replenishing water. For example: cattle and sheep meat food to eat more, you can match porridge, soup, soup and other more moisture than the rest of the food. You can eat porridge and porridge with steamed bread and cakes in the morning and evening.

meat and vegetable match.

vegetables mainly provide essential nutrients for human body, such as dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Simple meat food may lead to insufficient dietary fiber and antioxidants intake, and the lack of soybean products of pure vegetarian diet is also easy to cause protein deficiency and energy decline. Generally speaking, normal people should guarantee 2-3 taels of meat, 1 jin of vegetables, 2-4 taels of fruits and 1 jin of cereals and potatoes every day. Meat can be served with green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables of various colors, and different kinds of fungi and algae.

color matching.

the nutritional value and health function of different color food are also different. It is suggested that green leafy vegetables should account for 40% of the daily diet, and try to consider a variety of colors, and eat more purple, red and other fruits and vegetables.

cold and hot match.

cold foods have the functions of clearing heat, purging fire and detoxifying, such as mung bean, buckwheat, wax gourd, bitter gourd, lotus root, kelp, etc; Hot food has the function of dispersing cold, warming meridians and dredging collaterals, such as beef and mutton, longan, pepper and so on. It’s easy to lose appetite in summer. At this time, you can choose to match mineral and vitamin rich cold food to supplement nutrition and promote appetite. For example: eat hot pot, appropriate to eat radish vegetables and other cold food; It’s more comfortable to drink a bowl of sour plum soup after eating beef and mutton. In addition, hot meat can be cooked at low temperature such as steaming and stewing, or cold aquatic products or duck meat can be selected instead.

cooking match.

there are many ways of cooking, such as steaming, boiling, frying and baking. Different cooking will bring different changes to the nutritional value of food. Generally speaking, cooking and cold mixing are more healthy than frying, with less nutrition loss. Therefore, it is suggested that the ratio of cooking and frying should be controlled at 2:1, and low-temperature frying can be selected occasionally, but frying should be avoided as far as possible.

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