What kind of meat should anaemic people eat?

What kind of meat should anaemic people eat?

what kind of meat should anaemic people eat?

when there are symptoms such as pale face, dizziness, weakness of limbs, dizziness and tinnitus, many people don’t think it’s a disease, but these may be symptoms of anemia. We should pay attention to iron supplement in diet.

among all foods, red meat is an important source of iron, and beef is especially rich in iron. According to the data of China food composition table, the content of iron in 100 grams of beef is 3.3 mg, twice that of pork of the same quality, and also higher than that of mutton.

beef is suitable for stewing with some vegetables. It can be neutralized by acid and alkali, and the taste effect will be better. For example, beef and cabbage, potatoes, vermicelli stew together taste excellent, and pumpkin is also a good match.

it is worth mentioning that when beef meets tomato, it can make the iron in beef better absorbed by human body and effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia. And when stewing beef, add some tomatoes, can make beef rotten faster, more suitable for middle-aged and old friends to eat.

but it should be noted that people with yellow urine, dry stool, dry mouth, dry tongue, cough, yellow phlegm and other symptoms of excessive fire should try to eat less beef.

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