What kind of midnight snack is nutritious

What kind of midnight snack is nutritious

what kind of midnight snack is nutritious

reasonable midnight snack should meet the following requirements. First of all, low fat, less energy, higher nutritional value; Secondly, it should be easy to digest, not to increase the burden of gastrointestinal, do not affect the postprandial work; Third, we should have enough volume and enough satiety; Fourth, do not cause excitement, it is best to help sleep, and eat pleasant.

what kind of food does the midnight snack that meets these requirements include?

hot soybean milk has a very good sense of satiety under low energy, can relieve hunger in time, and will not cause excess energy at the same time. It would be better if it could be combined with a small amount of carbohydrate rich ingredients.

hot noodle soup, broken pimple soup and other high moisture pasta, you can put a little less noodles and pimple, add eggs and vegetables, etc., cooked soft is also a good choice for supper.

hot milk, as well as warm to room temperature yogurt, have a certain sense of satiety, provide a variety of nutrients.

porridge, the best is not pure white rice porridge, but to add some delayed digestion ingredients, such as oats, lilies and other ingredients, can not only reduce blood sugar response, but also increase the supply of vitamins and minerals. Millet porridge is rich in B vitamins and tryptophan, which is also very suitable for supper.

the paste is made of pure grain flour. It needs only hot water to stir it. It is very convenient to eat and has high nutritional value. It is rich in B vitamins and has a good sense of satiety.

other bagged powder paste foods, such as milk powder, lotus root powder, almond powder, sesame paste powder, etc., can be eaten as night food. The effect of these products is related to their formula. It is recommended to buy products with low sugar content and not instant solution. Otherwise, the content of dextrin, syrup or white sugar is too high, which not only has low nutritional value, but also has a rapid rise in blood sugar and a poor sense of satiety.

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