What kind of mop is the cleanest? Five easy-to-use mops are recommended

mop is one of the indispensable cleaning tools for every family. It makes our floor more comfortable and clean. There are many kinds of mops on the market, so which kind of mops is the best to use and the floor is the cleanest? The following small series for you to introduce several easy to use mops, I hope to help you, and quickly look at it together.

which mop tile is the cleanest

1, rubber mop

rubber mop I believe everyone is familiar with, its cleaning head is made of rubber, super absorbent capacity, is more than 10 times of ordinary sponge, easy to operate, just dip rubber in the water and gently pull a few times, you can easily discharge sewage. And the rubber head will harden naturally after air drying to prevent the growth of bacteria. The price is not high, generally 30 to 100 yuan. But it’s not good for absorbing hair, especially for cleaning the edges and corners. It’s easy to squeeze out dirty water after collision.

2 What kind of mop tile is the cleanest? This mop head is quite different from the traditional round mop head. The appearance of the mop head is flat design, which makes the mop and the ground fully stressed. Made of fine cotton yarn and superfine fiber gauze, it is very easy to wipe off the dust between the gaps and corners. The new product also has the setting of card towel, which can be easily installed with all kinds of waste towels. Whether it’s cleaning the glass or mopping the floor, it’s as clean as new. The price is usually about 40 yuan to 200 yuan. But I have to wash the mop by hand. It’s cold in winter.

3 , cotton sliver (thread) mop

ordinary mop, common mop rod material is divided into plastic, wood, metal rod. Mop cloth generally uses absorbent cotton strips, cotton lines and other materials, mop cleaning power is better, the price is lower, generally in 5 yuan to 40 yuan. But it is troublesome to clean, and some cloth strips are not strong in water absorption, and are not easy to air dry, so they are easy to smell and breed bacteria. It’s even easy to lose hair.

4 Water absorbent fiber mop

is made of fiber cloth which is easy to absorb water. It is easy to operate with mop bucket and screw dryer. Mops are more light, convenient, effortless and efficient. The price is low, generally around 20 yuan to 40 yuan. However, after the mop head is screwed into the water, the volume is relatively small, which is not suitable for large rooms, so it is very difficult to drag.

5, electric cleaning machine

electric cleaning machine is different from the traditional mop, it is more labor-saving to use. The bottom uses three brush heads which can rotate at high speed. In case of stubborn stains, appropriate amount of detergent can be added to effectively remove stains. In addition, it has the functions of dust collection, waxing and polishing. The price is about 500-1000 yuan. But it’s noisy, and it’s troublesome to plug it in.

Conclusion: the above content is about which mop tile is the cleanest. In fact, each mop has its own characteristics, it is suggested that we should decide according to the actual situation of our home. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the encyclopedia information platform.

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