What kind of tea can you drink to reduce fire and detoxify?

summer is hot and the temperature is high. Many people will get angry because they don’t pay attention to their diet. Especially in the weather of summer, the number of people who get angry increases more rapidly. At this time, many people will choose to take Sanhuang tablets, heat clearing and fire removing drugs to solve the serious problem of fire. However, the drugs are divided into three parts, so we can’t rely on drugs to treat every time we get fire. Today, I will introduce several kinds of tea for reducing fire and detoxification.

1, bamboo leaf green tea

, bamboo leaf green tea is made from early spring tender tea, belongs to fried green tea. Green tea is fresh and refreshing. It tastes sweet and slightly bitter. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It not only has the effect of relieving heat and relieving heat, but also has the effect of adding nutrition. It is a good tea drink in summer. It has long been recorded in compendium of Materia Medica that Zhuyeqing is a good product for clearing heat and removing dampness. The bamboo leaf green tea soup is yellow green and bright. It is fresh, tender, mellow, and fragrant with chestnut. It has the functions of producing body fluid, relieving thirst, eliminating heat and detoxification, and resolving phlegm.

2, Longjing chrysanthemum tea

chrysanthemum tea is a kind of tea with better taste, while Longjing is a kind of tea with more fragrance. When they are brewed together, they will taste more fragrant. At the same time, Longjing has the effect of relieving mood, chrysanthemum has the effect of dispelling wind and heat, clearing heat and detoxifying. The combination of the two can dispel the heat from the outside world, disperse the dry heat in the body, and calm the irritable mood in hot weather. As a traditional natural health drink, Kudingcha has the functions of clearing away heat, improving eyesight and intelligence, generating body fluid and relieving thirst. The finished Kuding tea has bitter fragrance, mellow taste and weak aftertaste.

4, white tea

drinking white tea in summer is beneficial to health, white tea is slightly fermented tea, to a large extent retains the nutrients in tea. White tea contains a variety of amino acids, with antipyretic, Qushu, detoxification effect. White tea is fragrant and fresh, the soup is yellow green and clear, the taste is light and sweet, and the glycols produce body fluid.

in fact, to maintain good living habits can also play a role in reducing the fire, do not stay up late, go to bed early, get up early, actively exercise, jog half an hour every morning, light diet is given priority to, do not drink, do not eat spicy hot pot food in hot weather, the fire will disappear automatically.

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