What kinds of food do you eat?

there are many common foods in your life. They are also divided into different kinds, such as beans, meat and vegetables. These foods also contain different nutritional elements. Beans are rich in fat and protein, and vegetables are rich in vitamins and other trace elements, So we can choose these foods according to our own needs?

many people don’t know much about the food of hair. There are many of these foods, so when choosing, we should pay attention not to choose randomly, which is harmful to human health. We can’t eat more hair. What is the food of


the so-called hair, we can understand it as the food of “inducing, inducing and assisting” some diseases. Most of the hair is fishy, such as beef and mutton; Or pungent, such as fish; Or it is germinal, such as leeks, bamboo shoots, seafood, shrimp and crab, sufu, etc. Hair can induce allergic diseases, rash diseases, skin diseases, some mental diseases, sores and so on. However, the types of diseases are different, and the foods that need to be avoided are also different.

pruritus, eat leek less“ “Hair products” refer to foods with hair properties, such as leeks, spring bamboo shoots, Chinese toon, mushrooms and coriander, which are easy to cause skin itching and rash. Therefore, people with such diseases should eat less.

. Don’t eat Rooster meat when you are angry“ “Active wind rising positive hair” refers to the hair which is easy to cause liver wind and Qi rising and Yang rising. Most of these hair are hot positive food, such as pig head meat, rooster meat, goose meat, etc. it is not suitable for patients with hypertension, hyperactivity of liver Yang, head wind pain and epilepsy.

allergic, eat less seafood“ “Fengxing Fawu” refers to food that moves by the wind but does not raise the sun, such as fresh sea fish, shrimp and crab. This kind of hair can induce and aggravate allergic diseases, such as urticaria and allergic asthma. In addition, it is not suitable for gout patients because it contains purines.

heat fish should be forbidden in stroke“ “Animal blood hair” refers to positive and hot food, such as dog meat, venison, wine, pepper and garlic, and hot fish, such as Monopterus albus, loach, grass carp, chubby head and silver carp. Because it can help fire and move blood, patients with itchy skin, eye disease, stroke, etc. can’t eat it.

avoid mutton for respiratory diseases“ “Promoting dampness and generating phlegm” refers to meats with fishy smell, such as mutton and beef. Patients with respiratory diseases such as upper respiratory tract infection should not eat more.

oral ulcer, eat less mushroom sufu“ Aromatic hair “smell fragrant, such as mushrooms, coriander, fermented food such as sufu, because of its gas away, easy to cause skin diseases, ulcers and mouth sores, so it should also avoid.

Fawu does have a disease, but Fawu does not necessarily have a disease. The key lies in food collocation. For example, raw phlegm hair, such as cattle, mutton, with radish diuresis phlegm, you can not get sick. If it can be combined with cold tofu, chrysanthemum, cabbage, it can restrict its heat, then people with heat diseases can also eat it.

through the above introduction, we also have some understanding about the food of hair. When the human body has wounds, or after surgery, we should reduce the selection of hair, which is not helpful to the body healing, but the rational use of hair is also good for disease treatment, such as mutton and radish can resolve phlegm.

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