What kinds of vegetables are there? How to use vegetables to lose weight

What kinds of vegetables are there?

what kinds of vegetables are there?

staple vegetables: lotus root, water chestnut, water chestnut, arrowhead, all kinds of potato (potato, sweet potato, yam, taro). They all contain starch, which can partially replace the staple food of rice and flour. But compared with white rice steamed bread, they have higher fiber, higher vitamin content, lower blood sugar response, stronger sense of satiety, and are less likely to make people hungry when they eat the same calories. So, let them have a certain share in the daily staple food.

low energy filling vegetables

low energy filling vegetables: tomato, cucumber, wax gourd, zucchini, cabbage, radish, lettuce, cabbage, lettuce, etc. Most of these vegetables have low nutrient content and low fiber content (fiber and gluten are not a concept, cauliflower mushroom has no gluten, but it is higher than cabbage fiber), but they have high water content and low calorie, so there is almost no limit when eating them. As long as you eat enough, it can also increase satiety, at least psychologically. They can also increase water and potassium, which is very beneficial for patients with hypertension and gout.

hungry vegetables

hungry vegetables: fungi (all kinds of mushrooms, mushrooms, agaric, etc.), algae (kelp, Undaria pinnatifida, Porphyra, staghorn algae, etc.), colorful cauliflower, beans, and all kinds of dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, amaranth, mustard, kohlrabi, agaric, mustard, rape, cabbage, etc.), are all high in fiber Vegetables that are low in calories and can especially fill stomach bags. They’re almost starchy, but they make people feel full, and they last for a long time. Therefore, every meal to eat such vegetables, and it is best to eat these vegetables before eating rice and noodles staple food, in order to delay the rise of postprandial blood sugar.

in short, replacing half of white rice and flour with staple vegetables, each meal contains two kinds of starving vegetables, plus a large number of filled vegetables, the satiety of this meal is very different. Even if you only eat half a bowl of rice, you will not feel hungry, and you will get more vitamins and minerals than you can eat a small amount of staple food!

how to use vegetables to lose weight

cooking methods of vegetables: steaming, blanching, boiling soup, stewing, quick frying and cold mixing are OK, with less oil as the absolute premise. Otherwise, a greasy grilled eggplant, plus a fried dry fried beans, don’t expect them to help lose weight. At the same time, we should put less salt. Otherwise, when we eat a lot of vegetables, we also eat a lot of salt. As a result, we can’t control blood pressure and eliminate edema, which is not conducive to bone health and cardiovascular health.

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