What matters should we pay attention to when eating wild vegetables?

What matters should we pay attention to when eating wild vegetables?

what should you pay attention to when eating wild vegetables?

prophet of edible wild vegetables & lt; Sex & quot;

wild vegetables can be used for hot frying and cold mixing (after blanching in boiling water). The more common wild vegetables are sowthistle, dandelion, shepherd’s purse, fern, Toona sinensis, purslane, etc. According to experts, most wild vegetables are cold in nature, which is harmful to & lt; Reduce fire & quot; For example, Capsella bursa pastoris has the functions of strengthening stomach and spleen, improving eyesight and hemostasis, diuresis and detoxification; Shepherd’s purse as the elixir; It’s not the same; Malanquicai can clear away heat and toxin, stop bleeding and diuresis, and has certain curative effect on gingival bleeding, hepatitis, high fever in children and convulsion; Alfalfa is a good medicine for hemostasis and asthma; Purslane anti-inflammatory, cool, detoxification, prevention of dysentery, and the stomach and duodenal ulcer, oral ulcer and other diseases have curative effect.

however, experts also stressed that eating more wild vegetables can cause spleen cold and stomach deficiency. A few wild vegetables, such as artichoke and fishy vegetables, are slightly toxic and harmful if eaten more. In particular, some wild vegetables, such as ferns, also contain allergic substances, which can cause dizziness if eaten more. Therefore, wild vegetables can not be greedy, it is best to understand the nature and taste of various wild vegetables and the value of drug use, pay attention to the choice. For example, experts said: the main ingredients of dandelion are dandelion, dandelion sterol, dandelion bitter, pectin, inulin, choline, etc., which can prevent and treat lung, stomach and a variety of tumors. But dandelion is not cooked to eat wild vegetables, the best way to eat is to wash dip sauce raw. There are also some bitter wild vegetables, which are bitter in taste and cool in nature. They can detoxify and dispel fire. They are sweet in bitter when eaten raw, refreshing and refreshing, but excessive consumption can damage the spleen and stomach.

some wild vegetables, such as yam and garlic, are slightly toxic. If they are not soaked, they are prone to discomfort. Before cooking, this kind of wild vegetables must be soaked in water for more than two hours for detoxification. In addition, wild vegetables should be picked and eaten as they are. The wild vegetables put for a long time are not only stale, but also have less nutrients and bad taste.

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