What salt water is good for washing face?

in order to have healthy and delicate skin, women all buy skin care products at any cost. Using skin care products is a way to maintain the skin. Before applying skin care products on the face, we should first do a good job in cleaning the skin, so as to better absorb nutrition. So, in addition to using facial cleanser and soap, we can also use salt to wash our face. So, what’s the advantage of using salt to wash our face? How to wash your face with salt?

benefits of salt water face washing

1 and oil control

people’s skin can be divided into dry, mixed, oily and neutral. Mixed skin accounts for the majority. The main feature of mixed skin is that it is easy to get oil in T-shaped area. Especially in hot summer, the phenomenon of oil in T-shaped area is more serious, and it will make up carelessly, Washing your face with salt can control oil.

2, anti acne

acne is also a common skin problem that plagues people. People who are prone to acne on the face usually have acne on the back. If you want to eliminate acne, you should pay attention to your diet and regular life. At the same time, you can use salt to wash the face and back. Salt has the effect of sterilization and disinfection, and also has a good therapeutic effect on acne.

3, rejuvenation, shrinkage pores

adhere to the use of salt water to wash the face, can let the rough skin become delicate, let your coarse pores become fine, at the same time, can also remove black spots.

4, brighten the complexion

wash your face with salt water, combined with massage, it has a good cleaning effect on the oil and acne in the pores. If you wash your face clean, your complexion will be better if you persist for a long time.

method of washing face with salt water

wet your face with water, then take an appropriate amount of salt and put it in the palm of your hand, add a little hot water to dissolve the salt, and then put it on your face. Like facial cleanser, gently circle and massage. Pay attention to the strength, because some salt may not dissolve. If you wash your face with force, it is easy to rub your skin. After a little massage, wash your face with water, And then other skin care procedures.

Xiaobian also need to remind you that some people will use salt to wash their face. Occasionally, it’s OK to use salt to wash their face, but it’s better not to use salt to wash their face. We can buy the beauty salt specially used for washing our face. Salt will stimulate our skin. If it is not cleaned, the salt on the face will take away the oil from the skin and make your skin dry and tight. Don’t wash your face with salt water every day, especially for people with dry and neutral skin.

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