What should be paid attention to in preventing fungus food poisoning?

wild fungi begin to grow vigorously every rainy and humid period. As we all know, many fungi are poisonous and inedible. In most food poisoning incidents, the death toll of edible wild fungi is the highest. Although fungus food is delicious, it is particularly important to distinguish whether it is poisonous when eating fungus food. The following small series to introduce the precautions to prevent fungal food poisoning.

wild mushrooms taste delicious, containing fat, protein, carbohydrates, crude fiber, a variety of minerals and vitamins. Regular consumption of fungi is helpful to improve health, prevent diseases and improve health. However, there is a potential danger of poisoning in eating wild mushrooms. According to relevant data, eating more wild mushrooms at one time or continuously will lead to the decrease of blood glucose. Therefore, even if not poisoned, eating more wild bacteria will also appear the phenomenon of general weakness.

edible wild fungi should pay attention to the following points:

1, do not pick their own unfamiliar fungi, especially the bright colored fungi. Do not eat wild mushrooms miscellaneous, it is best to eat a wild fungus each time.

2. Don’t stir fry all the collected wild bacteria together, because different kinds of wild bacteria are easy to have chemical reaction when they are stir fried together, and the nontoxic bacteria become toxic. Be careful when processing. For example, the best way to eat Boletus is to cook it first to reduce the toxicity, so as to reduce the possibility of poisoning.

3. When you go to the market to buy mushrooms, you’d better buy the mushrooms that you’ve eaten before without any danger. After you buy them, you should fry them thoroughly before eating them.

IV. don’t drink when eating mushroom. Although some wild mushrooms are non-toxic, some of the ingredients contained in them will react with alcohol contained in wine to produce toxins and cause poisoning. Therefore, it is better not to drink alcohol when eating wild mushrooms.

and above are the precautions for eating fungus food to prevent poisoning. We must write them down carefully. Even if you go to the supermarket, you can’t be careless. You’d better buy the fungus that you’ve eaten and don’t worry about danger. After you buy it, you must fry it thoroughly before eating it. Once there are adverse reactions after eating the bacteria carelessly, at the same time of being sent to the hospital, emesis should be carried out urgently to reduce the degree of poisoning.

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