What should be paid attention to when drinking soybean milk

What should be paid attention to when drinking soybean milk. While drinking soybean milk, eating some starch food such as bread, pastry and steamed bread can make protein in soybean milk hydrolyze with gastric juice more fully under the action of starch, so that nutrients can be fully absorbed.

, soybean milk soybean milk love to avoid drinking

of many people like to buy raw soybean milk home heating, heating up to see bubbles rising upside down that they have been boiled, in fact, this is the organic matter of soya bean milk organic expansion caused by bubbles caused by the phenomenon of inflation, not boiling, is not ripe.

unripe soybean milk is harmful to human body. Because soybean milk contains two toxic substances, it will lead to protein metabolism disorders, and stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing poisoning symptoms. The way to prevent soybean milk poisoning is to boil the soybean milk at 100 ℃ for safe drinking. If you have headache, respiratory obstruction and other symptoms after drinking soybean milk, you should see a doctor immediately, and never delay the time to prevent life-threatening.

3, do not pack thermos

soybean milk can remove the scale in the thermos. Under the suitable temperature conditions, with soybean milk as the nutrient, the bacteria in the bottle will multiply in large quantities, and the soybean milk will be rancid after 3-4 hours.

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