What should be paid attention to when eating late at night

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please avoid these foods when eating late at night

1, a large amount of milk or herbal tea

most research reports believe that calcium and tryptophan in milk have sleeping effect, and herbal tea also has certain sleeping effect, But once the psychological excessive dependence on these sleep food, it may lead to excessive intake. Once you drink too much milk or herbal tea, it will not only make you run to the toilet in the middle of the night and affect your sleep, but also make you worry about whether you will run to the toilet in the middle of the night before you go to sleep, which will affect the quality of sleep.

2, heavy taste food

heavy taste food mostly refers to food rich in salt. When eating at night, we must pay attention to control the salt intake. Because the time of eating late at night is not long from sleeping, if you take too much salt, it is easy to lead to the increase of sodium concentration in the blood, and then lead to cell water loss and increase of urine volume, which has the same effect as drinking a lot of water before going to bed. This may lead to sleep in the process of urine suffocation, run toilet, affect the quality of sleep.

3, greasy food

greasy food contains a lot of fat and energy, it will take quite a long time to digest after intake, so it may maintain a long time of hyperglycemia. Therefore, if you eat greasy food before going to bed, you may feel heartburn after getting up the next day. Therefore, you should control the intake of greasy food before going to bed.

4, sweets

eating sweets at night is a big taboo to lose weight. If you eat sweets before going to bed, the energy that can be consumed will become fat because the human body can’t consume it when it turns to sleep. In addition, eating sweet food before going to bed will increase the blood sugar level, if you keep high blood sugar, it will damage the kidney and nerve endings. At the same time, eating sweet food will also affect the secretion of growth hormone, which can promote the growth of muscle and bone, and promote the decomposition of fat. Once the secretion of the hormone is blocked, not only the fat is easier to store, but also the growth and development of the human body will be hindered.

5, alcohol

as we all know, it is easy to sleep after drinking alcohol, which is caused by the inhibitory effect of alcohol on the central nervous system. After drinking, people tend to feel excited, but actually the nervous system is closed, so it is easy to feel sleepy after drinking. But alcohol is different from anesthetics after all, this inhibition will be relieved in a short time, the next time people will be in an excited state, and then affect sleep, leading to shallow sleep.

what to pay attention to when eating late at night

1, choose the food that is conducive to digestion

if you choose the food that is easy to digest before going to bed, the general blood sugar value is not easy to appear sharp rise and fall, at the same time, it will not bring the trouble of indigestion, generally choose porridge or soft cooked pasta is better.

2, when eating, pay attention to chew slowly

. On the one hand, when eating, chew more, it is easy to make people feel full, and then reduce the intake of food and energy. If you want to increase the number of chewing, you might as well choose some elastic foods, such as konjac, cuttlefish, octopus and so on, or choose some foods rich in dietary fiber, such as bamboo shoots, fungi, seaweed and so on. Cooking is the best way to eat in the evening.

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