What should be paid attention to when eating leeks

What should we pay attention to when eating leek; Food is diverse;, But not all ingredients are suitable for each other. If the collocation is not good, it will affect the digestion and absorption of some nutrients, or the taste is not good, affecting the appetite.

leek contains a volatile substance, which has a pungent taste and can promote appetite. Whether it’s cooked meat, fish and shrimp, aquatic products, eggs, soybean products or edible fungi, leeks can be matched with them to enhance freshness and color, greatly improving the beauty and delicacy of dishes, so that people will never forget. In our country, it is very common to make dumplings, steamed buns, pies, wonton and potstickers with leeks as stuffing. There is a kind of food that is popular all over the country; Leek box & quot;, Often used to entertain guests or as a festival table of staple food.

in the way of cooking, leeks can be cooked or raw. Some people like to use leeks as leeks and garlic to make seasoning in dipping. As heating will destroy some nutrients, raw leek will retain more vitamin C, which is a worthy choice.

leek is a kind of hot food. It makes people feel warm when eating leek in cold environment. For those who are prone to fever and those with acute infection, such as those with eye trouble, boils and acne, it is better to eat less or no leeks. Otherwise, it will make up for the deviation.

leek is rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can reduce cholesterol absorption and promote the excretion of toxic substances. This feature has a very positive effect on promoting modern people’s health. Dietary fiber can also enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote defecation, which is a natural food to solve the problem of constipation. Just need to pay attention, if you eat too much leek, some people will have diarrhea, the culprit is also dietary fiber, dietary fiber is the result of excessive peristalsis to stimulate the intestinal tract, should be the extreme natural.

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