What should be paid attention to when eating pineapple

what should be paid attention to when eating pineapple

it is easy to get fire when eating pineapple in spring and autumn when it is very dry. Pineapple is a tropical fruit, so it is easy to get fire in the body. We usually wash it with light salt water before eating, so it will be much better. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that its nature and taste belong to meridians: sweet, slightly astringent, flat. Guipi, Weijing. It has the effect of clearing heat, relieving thirst, eliminating food and stopping diarrhea. Pineapple can not only be eaten raw, but also can be made into cans, juice, and dishes.

the amount of pineapple eaten at a time should be controlled within 1 / 5 of a pineapple. If the pineapple is relatively large, it should be controlled within 1 / 6, and it should not be eaten for more than three consecutive days. Otherwise, there will be different degrees of fire phenomenon. Don’t eat pineapple when you have symptoms of fire. Drink a little mung bean soup and more boiled water at this time. If your mouth is on fire, wash it with a little salt water.

pineapple is delicious, but its sour taste is strong and has the function of cooling body, so it is not suitable for everyone. People suffering from hypotension and visceral ptosis should try to eat less pineapple to avoid aggravating the disease; Afraid of cold, frail female friends to eat pineapple is best controlled within half, too thin or want to gain weight should not eat more.

pay attention to bromelain can stimulate the oral mucosa. When eating, soak the pineapple slices in light salt water before eating, then you can kill the protease and avoid the phenomenon of oral tingling. Pineapple contains more oxalic acid, excessive consumption is harmful to the stomach, so eat should be appropriate, not because delicious and eat too much at a time, affect health.

in fact, no matter how much food you eat, it’s not good. The more appropriate way is to be careful; The golden mean;, Only by mastering the scale can we eat healthily.

how to eat pineapple tongue hemp?

1, drink milk

, the tongue is mainly protein, and pineapple contains protease that can decompose protein, so it will appear the phenomenon of tongue numbness after eating pineapple. The protein content in milk is very high. Drinking milk can help reduce the probability of pineapple enzyme decomposing the protein on the tongue, increase the probability of decomposing the protein in milk, so as to relieve the discomfort of tongue numbness.

2, drink salt water

. Because light salt water can inhibit the activity of biological glycosides in pineapple in oral cavity and reduce its stimulation to oral mucosa, after eating pineapple, you can rinse your mouth with salt water to help relieve the phenomenon of tongue numbness.

3, drink more water

pineapple belongs to hot fruit, eating more is easy to produce the phenomenon of fire. And if after eating pineapple, the tongue is not only numb, but also blistering, it is the phenomenon of fire. Drinking plenty of water can not only help get rid of the fire, but also relieve the symptoms of numbness in the tongue.

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