What should be paid attention to when eating tomatoes

What should we pay attention to when eating tomatoes? What should we pay attention to when eating tomatoes?

1. Such tomatoes contain toxins.

green tomatoes contain lycopene.

tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which has antioxidant, anti radiation, anti-aging, enhancing resistance The role of reducing the incidence of prostate cancer. However, it should be noted that the green tomato is not mature enough to play the role of lycopene. The nutrition is poor, and the toxicity of lycoside is obvious. If people take in a large amount of lycopene in a short time, they may have toxic symptoms. Therefore, it is suggested to choose fresh, red and naturally mature tomatoes. Some tomato roots are green, and it’s best to dispose of them before eating.

stems and leaves contain glycoalkaloids

although tomatoes are popular in many countries, they are indeed toxic. Although the pulp itself does not contain toxins, its stems and leaves are full of chemicals called glycoalkaloids. The content of this substance is higher in wild tomatoes, but artificial tomatoes still have some influence. This kind of thing can cause gastric dysfunction and anxiety. Stems and leaves can be used as cooking condiments, but must be removed before consumption. This chemical is very effective. In fact, it is often used to repel insects. If you eat tomatoes on an empty stomach, you will easily get stones.

tomatoes contain more tannic acid and pectin. When you eat tomatoes on an empty stomach, they will form hard lumps of different sizes under the action of gastric acid. If these hard lumps cannot reach the small intestine through the pylorus, they will stay in the stomach and form stomach stones. Small stomach stones are initially as big as the amygdala, and then they accumulate. If the stomach stones can not be discharged naturally, it will cause gastrointestinal obstruction, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, even hematemesis and other symptoms. In addition, because the vast majority of tannins in tomatoes are concentrated in the skin, it is impossible to remove all the tannins in tomatoes when they are astringent, so it is easier to form stones when eating with the skin. The rate of formation of gastric stones is related to the amount of tomato consumption, gastric acid secretion and gastric peristalsis. Therefore, compared with those who occasionally eat a little, those who often eat raw with skin and often eat on an empty stomach are far more likely to get gastric stones than others.

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