What should be paid attention to when using the inflatable bed

the inflatable bed can be inflated immediately after it is purchased, but it can only be used 8 hours after the first filling (preferably 12 hours), because there is a buffer process at the tension strap and seam joint in the inflatable bed; Use 2 days before the new bed, try not to have enough air.

after one-time filling, the air bed will be a little lax, which is a normal phenomenon. The material of the air bed is a little elastic. After filling, some of it will swell and soften, so it will feel lax. As long as the air is inflated again to achieve the desired effect, but do not over inflate.

one person can use enough gas, two people need to release some gas; When the season changes, the temperature rises and the gas in the bed expands. Pay attention to the venting.

when the temperature drops, the bed will become soft, pay attention to air; Any inflatable products (including tires) will leak naturally, which is a normal phenomenon. Pay attention to the timing of air supplement.

do not over inflate at any time (especially in summer), otherwise the tension strap in the bed will be overloaded and broken, resulting in bulging on the bed surface, which cannot be repaired.

ensure that the floor or bed frame of the bed is free of sharp objects such as nails or thorns.

if used in water, make sure the suede is up. Children should use it under the supervision of adults.

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