What should I do if I lose my sweater? 10 life tips

What should I do if I lose my sweater? 10 life tips

10 life tips

1, collect bedding, down jacket and other items when the season changes, put them into a custom-made plastic sealed bag, and then use a vacuum cleaner to draw off the air in the bag, which can not only save storage space, but also not easy to be affected by damp and mildew.

2. The paint smell of new furniture is too strong. You can put the boiled milk on the plate, then put the plate in the furniture, close the door of the furniture, and the paint smell will be gone after a few hours.

3, sweaters will lose hair? Put the sweater in a plastic bag and freeze it in the refrigerator before wearing.

4. Similarly, you can also put jeans in the refrigerator to remove peculiar smell, have better shape and not fade easily.

5, nail polish can prevent silk stockings from being shredded. When the spectacles frame is loose, it can be tightened and applied to the buttons to prevent falling off.

6, suede shoes stains can be gently cut off with a nail file.

7. Stains on leather boots can be gently brushed off with a soft hair brush and white vinegar.

8. The stains on the paint can be gently wiped off with a cotton swab (cotton swab) dipped in Vaseline.

9, many data lines? Roll up each data line, put it into the paper core of the toilet roll, and then put it into the shoe box for storage, neat and convenient.

10, gum stick on clothes, put in the refrigerator to freeze, a pick down.

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