What should we do when we cut hot pepper

how to do when we cut hot pepper

? Many people have experienced this phenomenon. Hot pepper is a very common thing, and it will be used when cooking at home. It has the function of other body flavors, and it is also very helpful to all aspects of the human body, so we can safely choose hot pepper, However, when eating chili, it’s best to eat the right amount, which is good for your health.

. There are also some solutions to the problem. When there is such a problem, don’t worry too much. Follow the following methods to improve the problem. Here is a detailed introduction.

how to do after cutting pepper:

capsaicin is a kind of substance that produces hot taste in pepper. When cutting pepper, capsaicin sticks to the skin, which can dilate the microvessels, cause skin redness and fever, and accelerate the local metabolic rate. At the same time, it can also stimulate the pain nerves, which is why we usually feel burned hands. It is generally believed that capsaicin causes chemical transformation of nerve endings in the skin.

capsaicin is soluble in ethanol and alkaline aqueous solution, but not in cold water. In industry, edible alcohol is used to extract capsaicin from pepper. Therefore, according to this principle, in life, you can take the method of smearing alcohol to dissolve capsaicin on your hands. After cutting pepper, use alcohol cotton ball to wipe hands in one direction, then wash hands with clean water, and then dry them. Wipe them three times until symptoms are relieved.

in addition, you can also wash your hands with a small amount of vinegar, because vinegar is acidic and can be neutralized with capsaicin. If there is no medical alcohol and vinegar, washing hands with hot water is also good, because capsaicin will produce irritating evaporation at high temperature. Although it is not as good as alcohol and vinegar, the effect is better than cold water.

finally, I’d like to tell you a method. When cutting pepper, you can press the pepper with your finger belly instead of pinching it with your fingernails. In this way, your hands are not easy to burn.

before cutting, put a little oil or some hand cream on your hand. This method is very effective. You can also do this when cutting taro, so it won’t itch.

through the above introduction, you also have some understanding of how to do after cutting hot pepper. There are many problems in life, so when there are problems, It is necessary to solve the problem in time, so that the problem can be improved, and in order to make the healthy development of the body, when eating food, do not eat indiscriminately.

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