What should we do with stomachache when eating?

what should we do with spicy stomachache?

in our life, there are many spicy foods, and the most obvious one is pepper, whose fruit skin contains capsaicin and has a spicy taste. It can increase appetite. It has great effect on warming stomach and expelling cold, and has good effect on treating dyspepsia. The content of vitamin C in pepper is the first in vegetables. Not only that, pepper also contains calcium, iron and other mineral elements, but also contains carotene. It has not only edible value, but also high medicinal value. It can be used for the treatment of spleen and stomach deficiency cold, loss of appetite, drowsiness, cold, limb pain, diarrhea and other diseases.

however, eating too much pepper can cause damage to the gastric mucosa. So there’s a burning feeling after that. And it’s going to be very upsetting. How does that eat spicy stomach ache to do? A friend with milk around him can relax with milk. But you can’t drink big mouthfuls, you should drink slowly. You’d better heat it up. It can’t be too hot. It will be relieved soon.

in addition, you can also drink some vinegar to relieve stomach pain, or store some salt in warm water to relieve stomach pain. Generally speaking, don’t eat too much spicy food. Eating too much may lead to throat tumor, gastritis, hemorrhoids, etc.

how to eat garlic stomachache

sulfur compounds in garlic can promote the production of an enzyme or substance called allicin in the intestine, and eliminate the risk of intestinal tumor caused by substances in the intestine by enhancing the body’s immune ability, blocking the formation of lipid peroxidation and anti mutation and other ways. However, it is not clear how many such enzymes are needed to effectively exert the anti-tumor effect of garlic. In particular, the trace element selenium in garlic can play an anti-cancer effect.

alliinase in garlic produces allicin with strong pungent smell after contacting with Alliin. It is this kind of pungent capsaicin that causes some people to have stomachache after eating it. If you have a stomachache after eating garlic, you can stop eating garlic first, and it will be relieved slowly; If you can’t get relief, you need to see if you have gastritis and other stomach diseases, and if so, you need timely treatment. In addition, we also remind you that patients with eye diseases, hepatitis and non bacterial diarrhea, as well as patients taking drugs, should not eat garlic.

how to eat cold stomach ache

stomach ache is a kind of non-specific symptoms, is to stomach near the heart fossa often occur pain based disease. Stomachache is a common clinical symptom, often acute and chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer disease, gastric nerve hysteropathy. It can also be seen in prolapse of gastric mucosa, gastroptosis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis.

there are many reasons for stomachache, some patients may be angry, nervous or anxious, aggravating stomach disease, such as these reasons are due to emotional disorders of gastric autonomic nerve function, which affect gastric peristalsis, resulting in gastric mucosal damage, causing stomachache and other phenomena. And there are patients with stomach pain due to improper diet, such as eating raw and cold food is easy to cause stomach pain. This is mainly due to the pain caused by the sudden stimulation of the stomach. How to alleviate this situation?

first of all, avoid eating raw and cold food, but also to avoid eating spicy food. In terms of diet to light, and not too hot too cold too hard too rough, these situations are easy to cause stomach pain. Secondly, check the stomach to see if there is stomach disease. If there is stomach disease, it should be treated in time. The stomach is divided into three parts for treatment and seven parts for nourishment, so we must pay attention to the diet at ordinary times, and develop good eating habits, which is of great help to the treatment of the stomach.

what’s the matter with stomachache after eating?

many people have stomachache after meals. How much do you know about stomachache after meals? After dinner stomachache, mostly gastrointestinal diseases, such as acute and chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, etc., may be due to excessive satiety hurt the stomach, resulting in stomachache phenomenon, of course, may also be caused by other reasons.

after a meal, you will have stomachache, which is usually gastritis or gastric ulcer. After a meal, a large amount of gastric acid will be produced in the stomach to help digestion. Gastric acid is a highly corrosive substance, which will corrode the gastric wall when it produces gastric acid. If the stomach is very healthy, it will enter the normal digestive process. If the stomach has ulcer, it will feel pain.

after more than an hour, if you feel pain, there is the possibility of ulcer in the bulb of 12 fingers. At this time, the digested chyme in the stomach will enter the 12 fingers. If the bulb has ulcer surface, you will feel pain. It is suggested that you take some medicine to inhibit gastric acid and protect the ulcer surface under the guidance of the doctor, and the stomach will recover slowly.

how to eat too much stomachache

some people see what they like to eat, will eat too much, eat the stomach can burst, but after eating, they feel stomachache. This kind of situation is mainly due to the irregular diet for a long time, causing damage to the gastric mucosa, which will lead to insufficient gastric movement, causing stomach pain.

therefore, we should remind you not to overeat in the diet, we must develop good eating habits. And like the above situation, long-term can not be alleviated, it is easy to cause stomach disease, how to eat too much stomach pain? First of all, we should correct the bad eating habits. Eat more light, less fat and sweet and all kinds of stimulating food.

2, pay attention to the average nutrition, plain diet should provide food rich in vitamins.

3. Regular and quantitative diet. Patients with long-term stomachache should have three or more meals a day at regular intervals. Patients with acute stomach disease should try to eat less and more meals, usually eat less or no snacks, in order to reduce the burden of the stomach.

4. The diet should be soft, warm and warm. Eat less hard, rough food. Don’t eat rashly, chew slowly. At the same time, it should be forbidden to eat cold and raw food.

finally, remind the patients who have stomach disease, in terms of diet, we must pay attention to the raw and cold, stimulating, spicy, too hot, too hard, too rough food should not be eaten. In order to treat stomach disease, nourishing stomach is the key. Of course, it starts with diet.

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