What should we pay attention to when buying nutrition and health food

in modern society, people’s concept is more and more advanced, many friends are aware of the importance of health care, because we are limited by time and space in life, we may not have much time and energy to do enough sports to strengthen our body, So many people think of health preservation by eating nutrition and health food. What should we pay attention to when we buy nutrition and health food?

1. Health food, because of the different ingredients, effect path or effect mechanism between brands, and the individual differences of people, will appear the appearance that most people eat the same product with effect, while individual people eat the product with no obvious effect. At this time, it’s better to change a brand and try the product with different effect path or effect mechanism, Exclude the possibility of individual differences.

2. The effect of health food is relatively mild, and the consumption time should be a little longer. Some of them can be considered for long-term consumption. However, some health food such as weight loss should not be eaten when the effect reaches the normal level.

3. Health products are safe to human body, and the best consumption is the recommended consumption in the product manual approved by the Ministry of health.

4. Health products are suitable for specific people. When choosing health food, be sure to check the product label and instructions in detail to see if you belong to the specific population of the product, so as to avoid meaningless consumption. Some products are marked with “not suitable for the crowd” on the label and instruction manual, which should be paid attention to when purchasing.

5. The health food approved by the Ministry of health of the people’s Republic of China will not have any problems. It can only be said that the product is qualified and the function is positive when it is declared. However, under the influence of some factors, a few products may have some problems, such as adding illegal drugs to some weight loss foods found by the Ministry of health in 1999. This requires readers to pay attention to the media reports and the National Health Department’s circulars. However, once they are notified, the minor cases will be corrected within a time limit, and the serious cases will be banned.

6. For the management of health food, including imported health food, the system of national recognized laboratory testing, preliminary examination by expert group of provincial health department, final examination by national professional committee and approval and certification by Ministry of health shall be implemented.

these must be marked on the product packaging and product instructions, and there should be a unified health food label. Otherwise, the product is not approved by the state. If the product is not approved by the state to publicize the health care function, consumers should be careful to be deceived and report to the local health administrative department. It should be noted that some health-care drugs approved by provincial drug administration departments are being rectified in the market. Some products may be classified as over-the-counter drugs, and some products may need to be re declared as health food.

in this article, in order to help you better understand what you need to pay attention to when purchasing nutritional and health food, we focus on introducing to you what we need to check on the packaging instructions when purchasing health food. Among them, people who are suitable for health care products need to pay more attention, because some health care products have some taboos because of their special elements. When purchasing, we must ensure that our physique is suitable for people. In order to select the most suitable health care products, you can consult the relevant doctors.

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