What should we pay attention to when choosing a good fruit?

in the face of all kinds of fresh fruits on the market. We can’t help the rhythm of taking home. Fruit has become our daily essential food. However, in the purchase of some fresh fruits, there are many people who do not choose fruits to buy. Sometimes the naked eye to see all kinds of fruit, eyes are also spent. Moreover, some fruit dealers take advantage of us just because we can’t pick fruits. We don’t know. But in fact, who doesn’t want to buy some fresh and delicious nutritious fruits, just lack of experience in selection. So in the face of this problem, let’s learn how to choose delicious and good fruit.

1, size

apples, pears, peaches, etc. are divided into large, medium and small size, large fruit indicates normal development, can reflect the flavor of the variety. On the contrary, the smaller the fruit type, the worse the flavor. But the fruit is too big and the flesh is loose, so it is not easy to store. In addition, some fruit varieties are small in size, such as Jingbai pear, Nanfeng tangerine, seedless white grape, etc. So we should also rely on experience.

2. Color

color is an important mark of fruit maturity. For example, citrus, after ripening, the background color is generally yellow, orange red or bright red. The immature ones are all green or half green, which has poor flavor. Green banana skin indicates that it is not too ripe, while black spots on banana skin indicate that it is too ripe. Yellow banana, apple and pear taste best when they are golden. However, some varieties, such as green peach No. 3, green banana and Indian apple, are mainly green, which is an exception. This is the most direct way to observe fruit quality. The fruit with bright color, correct appearance, fine and smooth, rich luster is generally of better quality. Some fruits have rust on the surface, but it has no effect on the quality. It is not suitable to keep the fruit for a long time if there are bruises or bruises on the fruit surface. Most of the ripe fruits have rich aroma, which is the reason of volatile oil in fruits. The lack of aroma indicates that the fruit is not very mature.

although fruits are good for our health, we should also learn how to choose when we buy fruits. This kind of fruit can better produce beneficial benefits for us, and I hope these four small ways can help you to have some experience in selecting fruits in the future.

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