What should we pay attention to when eating chibei

What should we pay attention to when eating red shellfish

what should we pay attention to when eating red shellfish

can’t eat with beer and red wine

drinking a lot of beer when eating red shellfish will produce too much uric acid and cause gout. Excessive uric acid can deposit in joints or soft tissues, causing inflammation of joints and soft tissues.

can’t be eaten with cold food.

red shellfish is cold. It’s better to avoid eating with cold food, such as cabbage, cucumber and other vegetables. After meals, you should not drink some iced drinks like soda, ice-cream, ice-cream immediately. You should also pay attention to eating less or no watermelon, pear and other cold fruits, So as not to cause physical discomfort.

cooked red shellfish is necessary for eating.

the cooked red shellfish contains bacteria. The bacteria in red shellfish are mainly Vibrio parahaemolyticus, which has strong heat resistance and can be killed above 80 ℃. In addition to the bacteria in the water, there may also be parasite eggs in seafood, as well as bacteria and viruses from processing. Generally speaking, boiling in boiling water for 4-5 minutes is considered complete sterilization.

patients with skin diseases fasting

patients with skin diseases can not eat red shellfish because the protein contained in red shellfish can be used as an allergen to produce allergic reactions to the body, such as itching and lumping, or make the original skin disease recurrence and aggravation. Therefore, dermatologists regard seafood as one of the causes and ask some patients to avoid it.

allergic skin diseases caused by eating chibei are mostly type I allergic reactions, which can cause smooth muscle spasm, vasodilation, increased permeability, plasma extravasation, edema, and increased eosinophils. The clinical manifestations were pruritus, urticaria, vascular edema and other systemic symptoms; Or make infantile eczema, chronic eczema recurrence or aggravation.

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