What should we pay attention to when eating sweet potato

what should we pay attention to when eating sweet potato

1, when eating sweet potato with rice noodles

, it can also play a complementary role of protein; If at the same time with some pickles or fresh radish to eat together, can reduce the production of gastric acid.

2, sweet potato should not be eaten raw

, because the cell membrane of starch in raw sweet potato is not damaged by high temperature, so it is difficult to digest in human body; At the same time, when cooking sweet potato, the cooking time should be extended appropriately, so as to make sweet potato contain & lt; Gasifying enzyme & quot; If it is destroyed, there will be no abdominal distension, heartburn, belching, nausea, exhaust and other discomfort after eating.

3, sweet potato had better eat

at noon. This is because after eating sweet potato, the calcium contained in it needs to be absorbed in the human body for 4-5 hours, and the sunlight in the afternoon can promote the absorption of calcium. In this case, if you eat sweet potato at lunch, the calcium can be absorbed before dinner, which will not affect the absorption of calcium in other foods at dinner.

which crowd is not suitable to eat sweet potato?

patients with diarrhea and diabetes should not eat sweet potatoes. People with stomach diseases should not eat too much to avoid distention.

how to choose a good sweet potato?

the sweet potato with dark brown or black spots was contaminated by black spot pathogen. The toxicity of Alternaria alternata can make sweet potato hard and bitter, which is highly toxic to human body. Moreover, the biological activity of this toxin is not easy to be destroyed no matter it is boiled or roasted. Therefore, it must not be eaten, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.

how to eat sweet potato nausea?

sweet potato contains a kind of protein called & lt; Gasifying enzyme & quot; It can produce a large amount of gastric acid in the human stomach and intestines, causing heartburn, nausea and vomiting after eating. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly grasp the eating method of sweet potato, such as eating sweet potato with rice noodles, and controlling the consumption at one time; When eating sweet potatoes, with some pickles, salty soup; During processing, the sweet potato is cooked thoroughly, and most of the gasification enzymes are destroyed by steam; Use a small amount of alkali or alum, salt solution to soak raw sweet potato, and then process mature sweet potato.

the benefits of often eating sweet potato

1, sweet potato beauty

beauty: sweet potato contains substances similar to estrogen, it has the functions of keeping human skin delicate, reducing subcutaneous fat accumulation and moisturizing, anti wrinkle, beauty and beauty. Fitness slow aging: it contains a variety of vitamins, protein, lysine and other nutrients, can improve the body’s immunity, are the treasure of fitness and longevity, can make people live longer. Weight loss: coarse grain is rich in food fiber. After it enters the intestine, it can clean up the waste in the intestine, collect the toxin and waste, and let it out of the body smoothly.

sweet potato is also rich in food fiber, and vitamin content is particularly high, which can create new cells in the intestine and promote metabolism.

2, conducive to weight loss

modern people eat more oil, meat, eggs and milk, exercise is small, it is easy to obesity, cause & lt; Rich neck. Sweet potato has the characteristics of low fat content, less heat production and strong satiety, which just meets the basic requirements of weight loss. Every 100 grams of fresh sweet potato contains only 0.2 grams of fat, producing 99 kilocalories of heat energy, about 1 / 3 of rice, so it is a good low-fat, low calorie food. If it is used as a staple food, it can effectively reduce the consumption of other foods, and then achieve the effect of weight loss. In addition, sweet potato can also effectively prevent sugar into fat, conducive to fitness.

3, prevention of high cholesterol

sweet potato inhibition of cholesterol is 10 times more than other foods. So, if you have high cholesterol, you can eat two more sweet potatoes.

, anti cancer

sweet potato extract can effectively inhibit colon cancer and breast cancer. The tumor inhibition rate of cooked sweet potato was higher than that of raw sweet potato.

5 and

are the main reasons for the auxiliary antihypertensive effect of sweet potato. Because potassium and sodium are important elements affecting blood pressure, if the human body ingests enough potassium, it will promote the blood excretion of excess sodium; Eating foods rich in potassium can also promote the balance of mineral levels in the body, and ultimately play a certain role in reducing blood pressure.

. Adjuvant blood glucose control

found that type 2 diabetic patients had improved insulin sensitivity after taking sweet potato extract and helped to control blood sugar.

7, reducing stroke risk

sweet potato is absolute & lt; High potassium and low sodium & quot; The king of the world. The study found that potassium rich foods such as sweet potatoes could reduce the risk of stroke by 20%.

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