What should we pay attention to when working in front of the computer? How to prevent the harm of computer radiation

now is the world of the Internet. There are more and more female Internet users, and the time is also longer and longer. In foreign countries, for the first time, the number of women online has surpassed that of men and become the main force. However, in the process of your happy intimate contact with the Internet, do you know the potential harm of electromagnetic radiation to your face? Let’s have a look with you.

Long term in front of the computer work what harm

1, skin macular or allergy, skin aging speed up.

2. Computer radiation is the most harmful to our eyes.

3, prone to eye pain, improve myopia incidence rate.

4, the cause of chronic diseases, especially cancer! Please be careful!

5, reduce the immunity of pregnant women and children.

6, resulting in endocrine disorders, neurasthenia, etc.

7, leading to dizziness, nausea, mental depression.

How to prevent the harm of computer radiation

1, facial protection

. Although the harm of surfing the Internet to the appearance of female Internet users is not a big enemy, the severe electromagnetic radiation can not be underestimated. In the survey, a female netizen said: & quot; I used to have very good skin, white and tender, and no spots. Recently, I have been surfing the Internet for a long time, sometimes for 7 to 9 hours. These days I feel dry, peeling and yellowish& quot; This has become a prominent problem for female netizens who do not want to give up surfing the Internet and want to keep their skin bright.

screen radiation produces static electricity, which is the easiest to absorb dust. Face to face for a long time, it is easier to cause spots and wrinkles. So before you surf the Internet, you can apply skin care lotion and add a layer of light powder to increase the skin’s resistance.

2, thorough cleansing

after the end of the Internet, the first task is cleansing, with warm water and cleanser to thoroughly clean the face, the electrostatic adsorption of dirt all wash off, and then apply mild skin care products. For a long time, it can reduce the damage, moisten and nourish the skin. It’s really a bit of hard work for women who surf the Internet, and they get a lot.

3, eye care

if you don’t want to see people the next day with red and swollen eyes, haggard face and dark circles under your eyes, don’t fight continuously for a long time, especially don’t stay up late to surf the Internet. Usually prepare a bottle of eye drops for a rainy day. It’s also good to apply a cucumber slice, potato slice or frozen milk or cold dish after surfing the Internet. The method is: slice cucumber or potato, apply on the double eyelids, close your eyes for a few minutes; Or the cold milk herbal tea with gauze wet eye, can alleviate eye fatigue, nutrition eye skin.

4, increase nutrition

, increase nutrition is very important for people who often surf the Internet. Vitamin B is good for mental workers. If you sleep late, you should eat more animal livers and fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamin B substances. In addition, meat, fish, dairy products also help to increase memory; Chocolate, wheat doughnut, seafood, dried fruit can enhance the coordination of the nervous system, is the best snack on the Internet.

drinking some wolfberry juice and carrot juice from time to time is also very effective in eye care and skin care. If you care about your appearance, drink carrot juice or fresh juice.

5, often do gymnastics, eliminate fatigue

long time online, you may feel dizzy, finger stiffness, backache, and even lower limb edema, varicose veins. Therefore, usually do more gymnastics, in order to maintain vigorous energy.

if you lie flat on the bed before going to bed, relax the whole body and put your head under the edge of the bed to relieve the lack of blood and oxygen supply from the brain behind your head; Raise your feet and lie flat on the bed or sofa to reduce the edema of your feet, help blood flow back and prevent varicose veins of the lower limbs; In the process of surfing the Internet, stretch your waist from time to time, stretch your muscles and bones, or lean back on the chair, and use your hands to stretch your tense and tired psoas; You can also shake your fingers, which is the easiest way to completely relax your fingers. Remember, this kind of gymnastics is not a lot of exercise, but it’s much more effective than sleeping in.

Long term in front of the computer how to protect the eyes:

intermittent let the eyes rest, overlooking the distance, see some green plants;

can do eye exercises;

keep the distance of looking at the computer, don’t use your eyes for a long time;

pay more attention to rest and avoid staying up late;

indoor lighting brightness should not be too high or too dark;

eat more lutein containing foods, such as corn, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, egg yolk, pumpkin, carrot, etc., which can protect eyesight.

Access to computers; Seven points for attention;

you may be a net worm or a computer fan, or you have to sit in front of the computer for a long time, so it is necessary for you to follow the following rules; Seven notes & quot;.

1, pay attention to develop good health habits:

computer operators should not eat while operating the computer, nor should they eat in the operating room, otherwise it is easy to cause dyspepsia or gastritis. There are many people who have contact with computer keyboard, so they should wash their hands after work to prevent infectious diseases.

2, pay attention to keep the skin clean:

should always keep the face and hand skin clean, because there is a lot of static electricity on the surface of the computer screen, the accumulated dust can be transferred to the exposed skin of the face and hand, for a long time, it is easy to produce ugly rash, pigmentation, and even cause skin lesions.

3. Pay attention to supplement nutrition:

if the computer operator works too long in front of the fluorescent screen, the rhodopsin on the retina will be consumed, and the rhodopsin is mainly synthesized by vitamin A. Therefore, computer operators should eat more carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges, milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other food to supplement vitamin A and protein in the human body. Usually, you can drink more tea, because tea contains active substances such as tea polyphenols, which can absorb and resist radioactive substances.

4, pay attention to the correct posture:

, the operation should be correct and comfortable. The center of the computer screen should be installed on the same horizontal line with the operator’s chest. The distance between the eyes and the screen should be 40-50cm. It is better to use a chair with adjustable height. In the process of operation, you should often blink or close your eyes to have a rest for a while, so as to adjust and improve your vision and prevent vision loss.

5, pay attention to the working environment:

the light in the computer room should be appropriate, not too bright or too dark, to avoid the interference of light caused by direct illumination on the fluorescent screen. Regularly remove the indoor dust and microorganisms. When cleaning, it is better to use a wet cloth or a wet mop to disinfect the air filter, reasonably adjust the air volume and change the fresh air.

6, pay attention to work and rest:

generally speaking, computer operators should rest for about 10 minutes after working for one hour continuously. And it’s best to move hands, feet and trunk outside the operating room for active rest. Many people complain about cervical pain, and moving the head will help.

7, pay attention to protect eyesight:

to protect eyesight, in addition to regular rest, pay attention to supplement food rich in vitamin A, it is best to pay attention to the distance, often do eye exercises, ensure adequate sleep time.

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