What snacks can I eat? What snacks can’t be eaten?

What snacks can I eat? What snacks can’t be eaten?

which snacks can be eaten? What snacks can’t be eaten?

eat properly: nuts, whole grain energy bars, cheese and dried fruits, etc;

(2) whole grain energy bars can be eaten after working overtime or exercise to supplement energy or restore physical fitness;

③ the nutrient density of natural dried fruits such as jujube, raisin and longan is high, which can be eaten often
when eating dried fruits and nuts, you should pay attention to the amount, once a day, a small handful (no more than 25g) each time, so as to avoid excessive fat and calories.

avoid eating: snacks high in salt, sugar and oil; High color value, good taste & quot; Attractive to you, but this kind of snack is recommended to eat no more than 2-3 times a week, the best is not to eat.

: (1) people with overweight and high blood lipid should limit their consumption of chocolate, and it’s better not to eat or only eat a small piece as an extra meal;

② the puffed food of potato chips should be eaten less, and the extra fat and salt will increase the burden of the body;

③ seaweed is a kind of high salt snack. It’s enough to eat 4-5 pieces a day. Eating too much will lead to excessive salt intake.

don’t eat: snacks with food safety problems are not safe produced by small factories in Shanzhai, or snacks that are easy to fake and add non food additives, such as & lt; Fifty cents; Food, spicy strips, chicken feet with pickled peppers, instant milk tea, etc. It’s better not to eat them.

finally, it needs to be reminded that since it is a snack, it is only a supplement to the main meal. It is better to eat it between meals and about two hours before the main meal, so as to supplement nutrition and enjoy the taste. We still need to pay attention to the dinner, and we can mainly add fruits and vegetables, dairy products and other health food.

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