What to do if the bottle cap doesn’t open? You can’t open the bottle cap. Tips for life:

I believe you’ve always met such a problem. You want to taste bottled drinks and cans, but you can’t open the bottle cap. What can you do? Here are a few tips to open the bottle cap. You can open the bottle cap easily! Try it for yourself!

What if the bottle cap can’t be opened? Methods: according to the size of the bottle cap, choose the right type of cap spinner and put the serrated part on the bottle cap. Turn it by hand.

note: with this small tool, because the rubber can increase the friction, the bottle cap is easier to open. In the same way, if the rubber gloves used for washing dishes at home are worn to open bottles, they are also easy to use.

2, spoon gently prying bottle cap

principle: some large seasoning bottles are not easy to open even with bottle opener, which requires a little external force.

method: use a stainless steel spoon to gently pry the edge of the bottle cap, pry it open a little bit, when I was a child, there was gas in, it was easy to open the bottle.

3. If the cap is rusted on the bottle, or it is too tight to be unscrewed, bake it on the fire, then wrap the bottle tightly with cloth, and open it immediately.

4. If the bottle cap can’t be opened, you can find a rope to tie one end of the bottle, make a circle on the bottle cap, tighten it with your right hand, and push it forward with your left hand; The bottle cap can be opened. Be careful not to go in the wrong direction.

5, principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, skillfully open the bottle cap (the most effective)

if the bottle cap can’t be opened, you can pour some hot water into the basin, the hotter the better, the best is boiled water. I feel that it’s enough to go without the bottle cap. Now let’s start our trick.

①, specific operation steps : put the cap down into the water, the water in the basin is just over the cap, wait about half a minute, you can open the cap.

②, principle : This is because all objects have the characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction. When the metal bottle cap comes into contact with hot water, it expands rapidly. Although the glass bottle mouth will expand when it is heated, it is later and it is heated through the bottle cap. In addition, the food inside is cold, so its expansion speed is far behind the bottle cap. In this way, there will be a gap between them, which can be easily opened. With this method, it will not be difficult to screw the bottle cap in the future. Just use hot water for a bubble. It’s very simple.

③, advantages : using this method to open the bottle cap, you don’t need to pry or bake, you don’t need to worry about prying the bottle to hurt your hand, you don’t need to worry about baking it, you don’t need to worry about the bottle bursting, it’s very safe! This method also has an advantage, no matter how big the bottle, as long as the head down, a bubble into hot water, can easily open. After practice, this method is the best, almost 100% can open.

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