What to do if the ring can’t be removed?

what to do if the ring can’t be removed?

there are many ways to remove the ring. At the beginning, most people don’t want to damage the ring, so they have to squeeze it out. Usually we take out the ring by lubrication, including soap, glycerin, or other oily products to achieve the purpose of lubrication, but with the loss of time, if it can not be removed within a few minutes, it will enter the swelling stage. But generally, the stuck part of our ring is at the joint, so as long as we push the ring back to the proximal end, we can reduce the swelling and restore blood flow. But sometimes the removal time is too long, which will cause the return vein blocked, and at this time it will start to swell. Once the finger becomes more and more swollen, the blood supply of the artery will also be compressed. At this time, the ring can only be damaged, otherwise it is difficult to remove the ring.

if the ring is too hard to be broken or to be taken out in a way that does not damage the ring, the method is to drive the blood from the distal end of the finger back to the proximal end of the ring as far as possible. So it’s a way to raise your hand higher than your heart, and take it out after it’s swollen; In addition, there are some ways to bind the ring from the far end to the near end with plate thread or elastic rubber, and then slowly remove the ring after a period of time. But in fact, if we patiently and slowly use lubrication and rotation, under moderate local anesthesia, before the swelling makes the ring embedded in the skin, we can actually take a period of time to remove it, But the skin on the fingers will inevitably be damaged.

secondly, if the ring swells into the skin and cannot be moved, the above method will not work, so it can only be removed with tools. Traditionally, there are several tools used to remove rings. In addition to the ring clippers, other damage clippers can also be used to cut the rings. However, when using tools to damage rings, the most important thing is to encounter rings with too hard materials. Sometimes, it is very difficult to find damage tools. Therefore, in the process of damage, in addition to protecting the skin inside the ring, it is not a choice to make a gap in the ring first, and then damage it with more appropriate tools along the gap. If the ring can not be removed by these methods or the finger is necrotic due to ischemia for a long time, we can only enter the operation room to anesthetize the hand, and then debridement and remove the ring in the operation room.

when you choose to wear a ring, you must choose the appropriate ring, and the best hardness is not too hard to cause cutting difficulties. If you find that you are pregnant or gaining weight, you must pay attention to whether the ring you wear is stuck on your finger. Once you find that there is, it is best to remove it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you have to wait until the whole finger is swollen. It usually takes some effort to turn the sausage back into a hot dog, And the skin of the hand is inevitably damaged during the removal process. Generally in the fire brigade or provide emergency medical institutions can help people deal with these problems.

share some tips for getting a ring

if soap and water can’t come off, your ring is really tight enough! Recommend several methods, should be able to solve your problem:

1, first of all, pay special attention: in the ring is difficult to fade, do not force fade & mdash& mdash; It’s more difficult to take off the ring when it’s out of shape!

2. On the premise that your fingers are not swollen (otherwise, the swelling must be eliminated first), use some ice to cool your fingers quickly, so that your fingers will shrink when they are cold. Then use vegetable oil to fully lubricate and slowly remove the ring. Note: fingers should not be in ice or cold water for too long, otherwise fingers may become larger due to long-term immersion, making it more difficult to take off the ring.

3, spend about 10 yuan to go to the drugstore to buy a human body lubricant, the lubrication effect is much better than ordinary things, should be able to make the ring off smoothly.

4. If the above two methods do not work, then your ring is very dangerous to you. If you don’t take it off for a long time, it may lead to necrosis of your fingers. You should go to the hospital as soon as possible!

5, see if you can use a toothpick through the ring? If you can, first use ice water to bubble your hand, then use a toothpick to go through the ring, pass a line through the gap of the toothpick, and then use the line to wrap around the finger (to make the meat of the finger solid). After a width of one or two millimeters, withdraw the ring a little bit, and then continue to wrap another one or two millimetres. And so on.

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