What to drink to sober up

for men, drinking is a common thing, especially when talking about business, drinking is the best way to close the relationship between the two sides, so drinking is a common situation. However, after being drunk, people will feel very uncomfortable, and it is easy to act impulsively, so in order to wake up quickly, you can use some sobering soup. So, what is the fastest way to sober up?

drinking is very harmful to the human body, especially the liver. Many people suffer from liver cancer because they drink too much. So instead of looking for the quickest way to sober up, try to change the appropriate drinking, which is the best way to protect your health. Specific drink what to drink after sobering up the fastest method is as follows:

mung bean Jiejiu

mung bean right amount, wash with warm water, mash, boiled water or boiled soup service

sugarcane Jiejiu

sugarcane 1 root, peeling, juicing service.

salt solution

excessive drinking, pleural discomfort. Can add a little salt in boiled water, drink it, you can sober up immediately.

Jiejiu of orange peel

bake and grind the orange peel, add 1.5g of salt and take it in soup.

white radish Jiejiu

white radish 1kg, mash into mud, take juice, several times. You can also add brown sugar in the white radish juice to drink. You can also eat raw radish.

fresh orange Jiejiu

fresh orange (fresh orange can also be) 3-5, juice drink service, or food service.

olive (green fruit) 10 pieces of Jiejiu

olive, take the meat and fry.

sweet potato Jiejiu

grind the raw sweet potato, add white sugar and stir it.

fresh lotus root,

fresh lotus root, clean and pound into lotus root mud, take juice and drink.

raw pear Jiejiu

eat pear or squeeze pear juice drink.

milk sobering up method

: the drunk can drink some milk, in order to make the protein coagulation, protect the gastric mucosa, reduce the absorption of alcohol.

bean curd Jiejiu

: when drinking too much, add a bean curd to make the next dish, which can promote the rapid discharge of alcohol in the body.

preserved egg sobering up method

: when drunk, take 1-2 preserved eggs and dip them in vinegar to sober up.

egg sober drinking method

: when drunk, take 1-2 raw egg white to protect gastric mucosa and reduce the absorption of alcohol.

jellyfish sobering up method

: take 100 grams of fresh jellyfish, wash clean, add water to fry soup to drink, you can sober up.

learned how to make the above sobering up methods. I believe you will never have to worry about the problem of what is the fastest way to sober up. In addition, once again, I suggest that if you really think about your own health, you should not drink too much. Proper drinking can also draw closer the relationship between each other, and it will not hurt your body.

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