What to eat after drinking? Fresh grapes can effectively prevent drunkenness

after a small amount of drinking in normal people, the liver can metabolize and detoxify it, so as not to cause liver injury. However, long-term excessive drinking can cause damage to liver cells and liver function, lead to immune dysfunction, and reduce the body’s resistance to hepatitis virus. How to reduce the harm to the body after getting drunk?

drink more boiled water or clear water to replenish water and restore water balance in the body. Alcohol can change the water balance inside and outside the cells of the body.

generally, two thirds of the water in the body is in the cells, but after the increase of alcohol, the water in the cells will move to the blood vessels, so although the water in the whole body remains the same, it will also feel thirsty because the water in the cells is reduced. That’s why I want to drink after drinking. Either way, it’s right to get plenty of water“ Since ancient times, “sobering up water” has been one of the ways to relieve the discomfort after drinking. In a full glass of water mixed with three pinch of salt and a drink, will stimulate the stomach, make food easy to spit out.

1. Strong tea.

drinking strong tea after drinking, not only can’t relieve the alcohol, but also can add fuel to the fire, especially green tea. Green tea doesn’t decompose alcohol at all. On the contrary, after drinking, alcohol is converted into ethanol in human liver, and theophylline in tea quickly enters the kidney. It can stimulate the kidney too much, damage renal function, and may cause bile reflux, pancreatitis and other problems.

2. Carrot.

contains carotene and alcohol under the action of liver enzymes, which will produce toxic substances and endanger health


drinking wine and coffee together will speed up the dissemination of alcohol in the whole body, and produce a lot of carbon dioxide, which is seriously harmful to the stomach, intestine, liver, kidney and other organs, as well as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4. Soda.

alcohol is very harmful to the liver. Drinking soda after drinking will accelerate the absorption of alcohol, which is not good for the liver. At the same time, it may also induce the occurrence of acute gastritis and other diseases, and cause damage to the heart, blood vessels and central nervous system.

3. Fresh grapes.

fresh grapes are rich in tartaric acid, which can interact with alcohol in wine to form esters, reduce the concentration of alcohol in the body, and achieve the purpose of antialcoholism. At the same time, its sour taste can also effectively alleviate the symptoms of nausea and vomiting after drinking. If you eat grapes before drinking, it can also effectively prevent drunkenness.

4. Watermelon juice.

watermelon juice is a natural Baihu Decoction. On the one hand, it can accelerate the excretion of alcohol from urine and prevent it from being absorbed by the body and causing fever; On the other hand, watermelon juice itself has the effect of clearing heat and removing fire, which can help cool the whole body. When drinking, add a small amount of salt, also help to stabilize the mood.

5. Grapefruit.

in compendium of Materia Medica, Li Shizhen has long recorded that grapefruit can relieve alcohol. It was found that slicing grapefruit meat and eating it with sugar had a wonderful effect on eliminating the alcohol and odor in the mouth after drinking.

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