What to eat after the festival can reduce the fire

What to eat after the festival can reduce the fire

what to eat after the festival can reduce the fire

there is virtual fire: drink duck porridge

people with virtual fire, such as acne, sore throat, oral ulcer, insomnia, dreaminess. This kind of people drink herbal tea will cool on the cold, leading to more empty body.

how to treat people with virtual fire? Very simple, drink duck porridge! Duck porridge is an ancient prescription in the ancient Chinese medical book “elbow back-up emergency prescription”. Duck porridge can replenish Yin and blood, and clear deficiency heat.

have real fire: drink herbal tea

have real fire symptoms, such as thirst, bad breath, constipation, red and swollen eyes, swollen gums, big temper, love to get angry, etc., reduce fire might as well drink herbal tea, such as honeysuckle + wild chrysanthemum bubble water to drink, girls add two medlar. The essence of herbal tea is herbal tea, and its property is cool.

no appetite: tangerine peel and ginger Xiaoshi drink

in addition, many people feel that they have no appetite for anything. Experts point out that this is caused by improper diet, which is called & lt; It hurts food;. Here’s a recipe for Xiaoshi Jianwei& mdash;& mdash; Tangerine peel, ginger, xiaoshiyin.

the volatile oil in tangerine peel has a mild stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, can promote the secretion of digestive juice, and eliminate the accumulation of gas in the intestine. Ginger can appetizer and drive away cold, which is more beneficial for many patients who do not want to eat and feel cold in the abdomen. Brown sugar contains some vitamins and electrolytes, which can regulate the concentration of some substances between tissues, balance the water metabolism of cell environment, and eliminate cell metabolites.

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