What to eat before staying up late

what to eat before staying up late

take a vitamin B nutrition pill. Vitamins can relieve fatigue and enhance the body’s anti stress.

it’s easy to be short of water when staying up late. Drink plenty of boiled water and don’t eat instant noodles when you are hungry to avoid too much anger. Try to use fruits, bread, toast and porridge dishes to satisfy your hunger!

most of the people who stay up late are those who do writing work or often operate computers. A night’s hard work under the dim yellow light can easily lead to eye muscle fatigue and vision loss. Vitamin A and vitamin B have a certain effect on the prevention of vision loss. Vitamin A can regulate the synthesis of retina photosensitive substance – rhodopsin, improve the adaptability of workers staying up late to dim light, and prevent visual fatigue. So you can eat more pig liver, carrots, eel and other foods rich in vitamin A, as well as lean meat, fish and other animal foods rich in vitamin B.

the harm of staying up late

1, mental distress

staying up late for a long time will lead to insomnia, forgetfulness, and even anxiety. If people’s spirit is in a state of tension for a long time, it is easy to lead to mental depression, thus suffering from disease.

and long-term mental depression will lead to mental distress, which will not only affect physical health, but also lead to a lot of problems in the work during the day, so if you want to avoid this situation, you can’t often stay up late at night.

2, causing obesity

staying up late is a big energy consumption for the body because of not getting into sleep, many people will pass & lt; Supper & quot; To supplement the energy of the body, but it will bring a problem, that is, obesity. We all know that although the body will consume energy during sleep, the speed will slow down. If you eat before going to bed, this energy will be difficult to consume, which will be converted into fat accumulation in the body.

in addition, staying up late to eat supper can also lead to loss of appetite after people get up the next morning, which can easily lead to unbalanced impact, and these two points will make people get fat quickly, so staying up late will make people fat, which is a harm.

3, injury to eyes

0001. Everyone knows that in November, profit means loss, and extreme things will reverse. The same is true for eyes. Eyes are not perpetual motion machines. They need good rest to ensure their health. However, staying up late for a long time will shorten the rest time of eyes. At the same time, it will lead to problems in blood circulation around eyes, making it difficult for eyes to get adequate blood massage, It’s easy to induce disease.

many people will find that after getting up in the morning, blurred vision and more eye dirt are actually caused by staying up late. Therefore, for the sake of eye health, we must keep a good sleep.

4, skin problems

staying up late can also lead to skin deterioration, because people will discharge toxins in the body with metabolism during sleep. If staying up late for a long time, it is difficult to discharge toxins in the body, it will not only affect health, but also lead to rough and dark skin.

and even many friends’ persistent facial acne are caused by staying up late, especially for women, staying up late can also lead to facial edema, eye edema, black spots and other conditions that affect beauty. Therefore, if you want to protect your skin, you should pay more attention to this event.

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