What to pay attention to when drinking soup

what to pay attention to when drinking soup

people pay more and more attention to health preservation, so there is always soup on the table, especially the weak people. But if you want to drink soup and drink health, you need to have a habit to pay attention to.

1, do not drink pure soup

many people think that stewed ribs soup, chicken soup, all the nutrition in the soup, so only drink soup, do not eat meat. In fact, this is not right. No matter what kind of soup, even if it is boiled for a long time, the soup is very rich, and the protein in the soup is only about 6% ~ 15%. More than 85% of the protein nutrition is still in the meat itself. So it’s a big loss to just drink soup and not eat meat.

2, the speed of drinking soup should not be too fast

if the speed of drinking soup is very fast, when you realize that you are full, you may have eaten too much, which is easy to lead to obesity. Soup should be tasted slowly, which can not only fully enjoy the taste of soup, but also leave plenty of time for food digestion and absorption, and produce a sense of satiety in advance, so it is not easy to get fat. Need to lose weight beauty to pay attention to, must remember this wrong soup habit, get rid of it, maybe your weight loss effect will be better.

3, drink soup before eating

Chinese people’s living habit is to eat first, then drink soup, in fact, this is a wrong habit of drinking soup. And the western meal order is generally the first soup, and then eat, this is a healthy soup habit. If you eat first, you may be full. If you drink soup after you are full, it will easily lead to over nutrition and obesity. Moreover, soup will dilute the gastric juice and affect the digestion and absorption of food. So drinking soup first is better than drinking soup last, and it helps to lose weight.

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