What vegetables and fruits should we eat in autumn?

eating more vegetables and fruits can effectively help us to supplement various vitamins and trace elements that are lacking in our body. The effect is very good, which can greatly improve our own immunity and resistance. However, there are different fruits in different seasons, which need our attention, In order to more effectively play the positive role of fruit for our body, let’s learn about what vegetables and fruits to eat in autumn.

1: apple, pear, banana, orange, watermelon, etc. Apple has the function of astringency and antidiarrhea, pear has the function of clearing heat and moistening throat, banana has the function of moistening intestines and defecating, orange has the function of appetizing. For babies over 6 months old, if they are in good health, the mother can choose 1-2 kinds of fruit every day to make fruit paste and feed them to the baby. If the baby does not feel well, it is necessary to choose fruit reasonably, which can help the baby recover.

2: apple is rich in nutrition, containing a variety of vitamins, trace elements, minerals and other nutrients, with the effect of promoting body fluid, moistening lung, appetizing, antidiarrheal, defecating and so on. If Baobao has indigestion, apple juice can be used. Usually the apple can be cut into small pieces or made into Apple mud to feed the baby, can also be juiced to take. Suitable for 1-year-old baby to eat fruit: banana contains protein, carbohydrate, fat, a variety of trace elements and vitamins. It has the effect of clearing heat and moistening intestines, preventing constipation and so on. In addition, banana pulp soft, suitable for chewing ability is not very good baby food; It can also be made into banana puree for baby to eat. Suitable for 1-year-old baby to eat fruit 3: orange orange is a common delicious fruit, the pulp is rich in vitamin C, calcium, dietary fiber, carotene and other nutrients, has catharsis, appetizer, cough, lung and other effects. The mother can directly give the baby to eat, can also squeeze juice for the baby to drink. Suitable for 1-year-old baby to eat fruit

3: pear is called “all-round healthy fruit” by some scientists and doctors. The flesh contains vitamin C, protein, carbohydrate, minerals and other nutrients. It has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying, moistening lung, relieving cough and defecating. Mother in feeding the baby to eat pears, but also pay attention to the pear cut into small pieces, or juice for the baby to drink. One year old baby should pay attention to fruit: 1) not too much, keep 1-2 fruits every day. 2) It’s best to choose seasonal fruits for your baby. 3) Choose fruit, according to the baby’s constitution to choose, see if the baby will be allergic to some fruit. 4) After the baby’s deciduous teeth are complete, you can eat some fruits rich in fiber and with certain hardness. In order to increase masticatory force and promote the development of gums, jaws and facial bones.

I believe you now have a new understanding of what vegetables and fruits to eat in autumn. We really need to attach great importance to these contents, so as to avoid unnecessary harm to our body due to these small problems. It’s good to eat more fruits. I hope we can all form a good habit of eating more fruits.

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