What vegetables are good for your eyes?

vegetables are the favorite of many people. There are many kinds of vegetables. You can choose vegetables according to your own needs. Different vegetables have some differences in the vitamins they contain. What vegetables are good for your eyes? They also have some good choices. Spinach is a common choice, Spinach is very good for eye protection, so you can rest assured of its choice.

that long-term eating spinach, on all aspects of the body, is a very good improvement, and spinach in promoting human digestion, also has a very good help, what vegetables to eat is good for the eyes, the following is a detailed introduction.

what vegetables to eat is good for eyes:

what to eat is good for eyes? For those who don’t like meat, there are three kinds of vegetables that are the first choice for eye protection.

1, spinach: eating a lot of spinach may also reduce the risk of blindness in the elderly, according to a US survey. This is due to carotenoids, pigments in green leafy vegetables and yellow vegetables. A team of researchers at Harvard Medical School pointed out that people who eat a lot of these vegetables every day have a 43 percent lower chance of developing macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is an eye disease related to the elderly. The retinal center of the patients degenerates and the central vision gradually loses.

2, tomato: tomato is very nutritious, vitamin C is equivalent to two and a half catties of apple, three catties of banana, four catties of pear.

the loss of vitamin C in general vegetables is 5% in three minutes, while the loss of vitamin C in tomato is less than that in other vegetables. According to the calculation, if you eat two or three tomatoes a day, you can meet your daily needs for vitamins and minerals.

3, carrot: carrot has two characteristics, one is the sugar content is higher than ordinary vegetables, has sweet aroma; Second, it is rich in carotene, which is involved in the human body and can be converted into vitamin A. vitamin A can maintain the health of eyes and skin. People suffering from rough skin disease, night blindness, xerophthalmia and children’s chondrosis are lack of vitamin A, especially children’s growing period.

through the above introduction, we have a good understanding of what vegetables are good for our eyes. Therefore, it is safe to choose these vegetables. However, we should pay attention to that when we eat these vegetables, we should eat them in an appropriate amount. We should not eat too much, which is not helpful to all aspects of our body.

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