What vegetables can you eat in autumn?

What vegetables can you eat in autumn?

what vegetables can you eat in autumn? Autumn is the best time for health preservation. Vegetables not only keep healthy, but also help to treat some diseases. So, which vegetables are suitable for keeping healthy among seasonal vegetables?

lotus root is the king of Oriental vegetables. Anti aging

you can have some lotus root in autumn; Lotus root is the king of Oriental vegetables, rich in polyphenols, can improve immunity, but also anti-aging;.

in addition, when lotus root is processed to maturity, its nature changes from cool to warm. Although it loses the function of eliminating stasis and clearing heat, it becomes beneficial to the spleen and stomach. It has the functions of nourishing stomach, nourishing Yin, benefiting blood and stopping diarrhea.

dark green vegetables eat a Jin every day

autumn is dry, so eat more green leafy vegetables, because the vitamin content is high, eat more good. An adult should eat at least one jin of vegetables every day. Spinach, green vegetables, celery, chrysanthemum, amaranth, carrots and other dark vegetables, they and brown red vegetables, not only vitamin content, carotene content is higher.

face does not grow acne: lettuce and balsam pear

lettuce is rich in vitamins, trace elements, water content is the best vegetables, eat more help to skin hydration, due to gastrointestinal function is not good caused by acne also has a certain role in adjuvant treatment.

balsam pear is rich in crude fiber, vitamin C, calcium, iron and other nutrients. It contains anti-cancer active protein, which can not only increase the activity of immune cells, but also remove toxins in the body and help detoxification.

: spinach and tomato

spinach is rich in riboflavin, which is an important nutrient for effective prevention of angular ulcer, cheilitis, glossitis and dermatitis.

tomato has the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, generating fluid and relieving thirst. It is used to treat dry mouth, loss of appetite, stomach heat and bitter mouth, gingival bleeding, sore mouth, bitter mouth, etc.

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